Lots of treasures and many eager shoppers turned out for last years event. This year promises more of the same. So review your collection. If it's too big, here's your opportunity to make it more manageable by selling off unwanted items. But if your collection needs to grow, you'll find just about anything you want at the August swap meet. And if you're selling, don't forget to bring a tent (just in case). To ensure s smooth operation and a pleasant experience for all, please review the swap meet guidelines below.

1. The entire lot is reserved for sellers until 10:30 AM. Arrive any time you like. Buyers are asked to please park in the street (where permitted) or in the large lot in front of the school, facing Fremont Avenue. A walkway connects both lots. Follow the signs. You can also park in the water department parking lot directly across the street from the museum (ignore the no-parking signs).
2. Sellers who arrive early should park as far in the back of the lot as possible. This is where most of the shoppers will be. This also gives latecomers easier access to a space in the front rows.
3. The parking area along the east fence is preferred for large trucks. Pickups and large vans should park in the main area.
4. In the interest of fairness, each seller is entitled to two marked parking spaces, including a space for your vehicle. A suggested donation of $25 each is requested for each additional space (or their unmarked equivalent).
5.Tables, merchandise, or structures (i.e. tents) cannot extend more than 6 feet beyond a marked parking space into the driveway.
6. Sellers must begin to set up within one hour after they arrive.
7. Selling spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please don't save spaces for late arrivals.
8. Don't park in the narrow alley between the museum and the school. You're violating fire codes and may be towed.
9. A security guard will be on-site throughout the morning to help buyers find a parking space and offer other assistance.
10. Although the event is free, voluntary contributions from sellers (and buyers, too!) are always welcomed to help pay the sizable cost of conducting this event. The suggested donation is $5, but if you're having a particularly good day, our donation collector will be happy to accept more.

We look forward to seeing you August 15th. Come early, stay late, bring radios and money, and have a great time.

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