PSARA Membership Application
Membership is $25 a year individual ($30 family), and comes due in January.

New membership is pro-rated quarterly. For individual membership, if joining the 1st Quarter, it is $25. Joining April through June it is $18.75, and July through September is $12.50. If joining October through December, $25 provides membership through December of the following year.

For the family membership, joining the 1st quarter is $30, 2nd quarter is $22.50, and 3rd quarter is $15.00. Joining the 4th quarter is $30, good through December of the following year.

We are not set up for credit cards, so membership application must be done through the mail. Print out this page, and send it to PSARA, PO Box 7567, Tacoma, WA 98417-0567 with a check or money order, payable to PSARA. Thank you.



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