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Project Manager

Examples of my ability to manage multiple projects include:

    • 16 independent contracts,
    • 2 full time jobs,
    • 3 nationally published books,
    • +400-person Intranet project,
    • this website development project

- all in the last 10 years.

Project Management Resume



What I did to solve the problem

HP Marcom for new product

Hewlett Packard needed to define, organize and execute the marketing material for an international launch for a new product.

  • I coordinated (and wrote parts of) 10 separate pieces (including an elevator pitch, data sheet, solutions brief, FAQ brochure and a Flash demo) for teams based in Canada, South Africa and California.

3 Nationally published books

Enhance my professional reputation, professional skills (including writing and marketing), as well as create alternate revenue streams.

  • I wrote three nationally published books, beginning with a Windows 95 book written with Win95 beta software. My most recent book was the IT Manager's Handbook: Getting Your New Job Done. It was published in October of 2000 and co-written with a senior IT manager from New York.

  • I wrote these books while I had full-time jobs, other contracts and was raising a large family.

Corporate Intranet

The IT consulting company I worked for at the time had a static intranet site with no regular users, no methods of company-wide communication and no location for formal knowledge management.

  • Coordinated two complete revisions of a +400-person intranet (Phase 2 - 1/00, Phase 3 - 7/00).

  • Went from a static site with no regular users to usage by over 60% of the population.

  • Organized issues, project priorities, formal deliverables, internal funding, coordination with outside vendors, scheduling, etc.

  • Wrote over 500 daily splash page content pieces.

Website Development Project

Showcase my various skills, specifically my Project Management, Web, Writing and Graphics experience.

  • I built this site as a formal project. The current working version ("Version K") includes: 186 images, 21 HTML docs, 11 URLs, and 13 MS Word docs.

  • I have done all the work on this site, including all the coding, linking, graphics and content.

  • See the Versions page for details about this project.


Copyright 2006, Bill Holtsnider

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