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Bill Holtsnider's Web Site Map:


  • Four Main Professional Skills: Writer, Web Work, Project Manager, Trainer

  • Links to Experience pages

  • Resumes (PDF and Text format)

Technical, Marketing & Web Writing Experience

  • Technical Writing

  • Marketing Writing

  • Web Writing

  • Nationally Published Books I've Written

  • Writing Contracts (2006 - 1995)

  • Silicon Valley Writing Experience (1995 - 1986)

  • Types of Software Documented

  • Boulder Writer's Alliance member

Web Work Experience

Features of this site include:

  • 15 main HTML pages

  • 105 gifs

  • 105 pngs/jpgs

  • 5 external URLs

  • 20 unique rollover images (over 135 total)

  • 25 MS Word documents

  • 4 separate PDFs

  • 4 separate text files

  • Main Nav Bar

  • Site Map

  • Site Tour

  • Original digital photography

  • Javascript

Project Manager Experience

  • Website Development Project

  • Corporate Intranet

  • 3 Nationally published books

Trainer Experience

  • In-house classroom training ("Zipper class") as part of the new-hire orientation (at a consulting company).

  • On-site training (at the major biotechnology firm in S.F)

  • Basic and Advanced software classes to new users (at online real estate hardware and software company).


  • Slightly formatted text version


  • I have written 3 nationally published books.

  • My most recent published book is the IT Manager's Handbook:
    Getting Your New Job Done
    . It was published in October of 2000
    and co-written with a senior IT manager from New York. A new version of the book is due in the Fall of 2006.




  • How I built this Site

Site Map

Purpose of this Site:

  • I created this site for two reasons: to sell my professional skills and to display my website building capabilities.


Copyright 2006, Bill Holtsnider

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