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Technical Trainer

  • I have taught (and written the course outlines for) various application-specific courses
    as well as classes in MS Office, FrameMaker, and company-proprietary
    hardware and software systems.

  • I have also run team kickoffs and internal project proposal reviews.

Trainer Resume

Technical Training


MS Office 97 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, plus in-house systems) In-house classroom training ("Zipper class") as part of the new-hire orientation (at a consulting company).
FrameMaker 4 On-site training (at the major biotechnology firm in S.F)
On Line Real Estate Application Basic and Advanced software classes to new users (an online real estate hardware and software company).
Meeting Facilitation Description
Kick Off meetings & Project Review meetings

Web design group, online insurance, major insurance, Internet stock brokerage, telecom (2) companies.


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