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Senior Technical & Marketing Writer

I have created documents for audiences ranging from programmers to CEOs, varying in length from five-page marketing proposals to 1,300-page documentation sets, from bound paper manuals (using MS Word and FrameMaker) to daily intranet Web content (~500 articles).

Writing Resume:

Type of Writing


Technical Writing

User's guides, reference manuals, tutorials, system architecture documents, data sheets, on-line help systems, software demos, use cases, appraisal plans.

Marketing Writing

Corporate overviews, brochures, resumes, internal communications (daily intranet articles, project assessments, HR material, etc.), magazine ad copy, newsletters, application profiles.

Web Writing

~500 splash page articles, HTML pages, the entire content for this site, 2 online help systems.(See the Web Work page.)

Nationally Published Books I've Written

IT Manager's Handbook, Windows 98 Step-by-Step, Windows 95 Step-by-Step. (See the Books page.)

Software Tools

MS Office; FrameMaker; Dreamweaver; Fireworks; PaintShopPro; RoboHelp, ForeHelp; Acrobat Distiller & Reader; Internet Explorer; Netscape; WS_FTP; WinZip.

Recent Writing Contracts (2005-1996)

Walking Orbit, Inc., Denver, CO: wrote the functional demo requirements document. CTR Engineering, Inc., Denver, CO: completed a 660MB data conversion project (Word to pdf). Hewlett Packard, Palo Alto, CA: wrote marketing and technical documents for a new product launch. Veteran's Affairs Dept., Denver, CO: wrote and planned technical documents for an Oracle conversion project. Trust Company of America, Denver, CO: wrote the user's guide and on-line help system for a portfolio management software company. Management Engineering Services, Longmont, CO: formatted and finalized various National Park Service proposals. TTC Technology, Denver, CO: edited and finalized several documents for a key client. MicroMotion, Boulder, CO: edited, reformatted and converted documents from EPS to FrameMaker. TechLink, Denver, CO: helped write various marketing proposals. Morgan Kaufman, Inc., San Francisco, CA: initiated and wrote the proposal for the 2nd edition of the IT book.

Recent Fulltime Writing Experience (2001-1997)

Tanning Technology Corp, Denver, CO (2001 - 1997): Wrote, edited and developed technical, marketing, and system documents for Tanning, an international IT consulting company. Worked on major TTC accounts, including First Resort, Invesmart, R. R. Donnelley, E*TRADE, Hartford, CSX, Janus Funds, and US WEST. Worked directly with the CEO as well as marketing directors on corporate marketing efforts. Managed the upgrade of the company intranet site. Facilitated numerous team kickoff and project reviews. Designed and wrote many HR/internal communication documents, including daily intranet pages, communication plans, etc. Also wrote an on-line help system, its parallel user documentation and a software sales demo.

Previous Writing Contracts (2002-1995)

Management Engineering Services, Denver, CO (2001, 2002): Helped prepare a multi-volume environment engineering proposal (TERC) for Stone & Webster in Boston; also part of a team that created several NPS proposals. Braingem, Boston, MA (2000): Wrote a five-page marketing brochure for a Web front-end developer company in Boston. VISA International, Denver, CO (1998): Edited, reformatted and converted technical financial software documents from Word to FrameMaker. BI, Inc., Boulder, CO (1997): Updated the System Administration Guide that I had completed the previous year and created a new remote user's guide. Carrera Publishing, Boulder, CO (1997): Completed first draft of initial three-volume documentation set for Windows NT Web development tools. Wrote End User, Page Designer and System Administration guides. Decisionoism, Boulder, CO (1996): Wrote drafts of the User's Guide and the System Administrator's Guide. XVT Software, Boulder, CO (1995 - 1996): Updated a 500-page, four-volume documentation set and on-line help file for a 'C++' development environment.

Silicon Valley Writing Experience (1995-1986)

Genentech, South San Francisco, CA (1994-1995); Silicon Graphics - IDS, Mountain View, CA (1994); Confluent, San Francisco, CA (1994); Highland Digital, Palo Alto, CA (1994); Cadence Systems, San Jose, CA (1993); IntelliCorp, Mountain View, CA (1990-1993); Daisy/Cadnetix and Corvus Systems, San Jose, CA (1986-1990)

Software Documented

Financial Portfolio management; Factory Engineering; Rental Property management, Banking, Large Scale Printing, Transportation, Operating Systems, UNIX Diagramming tool, Website Design tools, Corrections, Financial Decision Supportware, Application Development, GPS Client/Server, Windows Recording tool, Interactive Television; UNIX, MS Windows OOP development environments; CASE tool; CAE tools; Board Layout; Schematic Design; Biotechnology; Risk Management.

Boulder Writer's Alliance

I have been a member of the writer's group the Boulder Writer's Alliance (BWA) since 1995. (See the BWA page.)

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Copyright 2005, Bill Holtsnider

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