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My puppy, Kobe.  He is a male Samoyed (pronounced sammy-ed).  His hobbies are sleeping, peeing, pooping, playing, chewing, ripping, stealing, barking, jumping, walking, pulling, digging, etc.  In other words, acting like a Samoyed.  This is my second Samoyed.  One would have thought I would have learned my lesson on being owned by a Samoyed, but noooooo!  Subconsciously, I must be into S&M.  Actually, I wouldn't even think twice about owning another breed.  Samoyeds are the best!  Yes, even better than Shelties.    

His current favorite thing to do is chewing up my pillow and comforters.  Count so far is one pillow, three comforters (four if you count the guest bed), and two sofas.  Grrr .... Apparently it is a little known fact that polyester fill is a supplementary diet requirement.   

Name: Kobe (pronounced ko-bay)
Birth Name: Gold Boy/Midas
AKC Name:  WildWind's Starlite Bear
Nicknames: Kobi-wan, Obi Konobi (Star Wars), Kobie-Dobie, Hey you!, Bad Puppy!, and Butthead.
Birth Date: 18 May 2000
Birth Weight: 11 oz
Current Weight: 65.2 pounds as of August 2011.   Graphs:  Overall   Year 1   2   3   4   5   6  7  8   OINK!
Papa: Indy (Ch. Starlite's Bear in Mind)
Mama:  Emmy (Ch. WildWind's Lil' Miss ShowOff)
Siblings: Peaches (WildWind's Starlite Belle), Molly (WildWind's Silver Starlite), Luna (WildWind's Blue Starlite)
Likes: walks, car rides, playing toss with stuff animals, treats (especially turkey franks), chasing tennis balls, picking up every piece of garbage on the ground, playing with the nephews, running through sprinklers and water fountains, chewing up comforters, Cheetos, humping legs, crotch sniffing, jumping fences.
Dislikes: being ignored, baths, grooming, baths, teeth brushed, baths, nails clipped, baths.  Oh, did I mention he really, really hates baths? 

Kobe?  Where did that name come from?  He is named after the Italian Iron Chef, Masahiko Kobe, the "Prince of Pasta".  Iron Chef cooking show originated in Japan and became very popular in the United States.  Okay, why the Italian Iron Chef?  Well, you didn't expect me to name him after the Chinese Iron Chef, Chen Kenichi?  Or the French Iron Chef, Sakai Hiroyuki?  Or the Japanese Iron Chef, Morimoto Masaharu?  I didn't think so.  The Iron Chef Wikipedia is a good place to visit to learn more about the show.  The Iron Chef Collection has a great collection of videos of the original show.  Here is Kobe Masahiko's bio and this is his restaurant's website, Ristorante Massa (in Japanese).

Here is Kobe's latest movie (Windows Media format) - Snow!  06 November 2011, 5.9MB

Kobe's trampoline movie is still available - Trampoline, 24 Dec 2006, 4.4MB

Here is a very funny Pepsi commercial! - Smart Dog, 1MB

Kobe has his own Dogster site!  Click to visit him and his pals!  Kobe is also on Facebook!

Santa Clara County Parks provides a webpage on Places to Take Your Dog.  For San Mateo county parks, no pets are allowed in any county park.

Emergency Preparedness for Your Pets - Are you ready for the BIG one?  Check out California's Office of Emergency Services (OES) Pet Preparedness webpage.  Also, the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) hosts the PreparedNow.org website which contains useful information.  Here is their information for Earthquake Tips for Service Animals and Pet Owners and First Aid for Animals.  Don't forget to checkout FEMA and Red Cross websites too!

Here are some of my favorite pictures.  Click on each for a larger picture. 

August 8, 2000 (24328 bytes)
Cute ...
September 20, 2000 (45165 bytes)
Not so cute!
Scooby Doo! (45934 bytes)
June 03, 2001 (46779 bytes)
PB220006a.JPG (30180 bytes)
Can you say "Happy!"?
October 1, 2000 (64844 bytes)
Everybody jump for bubbles!
October 15, 2000 (24580 bytes)
What dogs do ...
October 10, 2000 (24547 bytes)
Help! I'm being held hostage!
October 10, 2000 (39675 bytes)
A sleeping pup is a good thing!
January 20, 2000 (22925 bytes)
Keeping a watchful eye on his toys.
P3180020.JPG (17420 bytes)
PC250006.JPG (26448 bytes)
Everybody is a critic. Kobe inspecting.
P4110002.JPG (22620 bytes)
Hole in the window screen?  What hole?
P6260007.JPG (32247 bytes)
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!
PB270031.JPG (31468 bytes)
Faster than a speeding bullet.
P4180003.JPG (60372 bytes)
Vasona Lake

Indy & new pup.
August 2005


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