Jérôme Ibanes

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Computer Science Valedictorian.
Thesis on Quantum Cryptography.
Master of Science in Computer Science.
Master of Science in Information Systems.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation.
Executive Certificate in Technology, Operations, and Value Chain Management.
Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership.
Distinguished Career Award - Nobel Prize D. Kastler.
IEEE/ACM member.

Jerome Ibanes

  • Filesystems I wrote for Linux (link removed, please email me).
  • Filesystems for Plan 9 from User Space (link removed, please email me).
  • Apt 2.0.3 for PalmOS: download, source code: tar.gz, zip, documentation.
  • Filesystems and Block Devices, Cloud storage, Distributed storage, Enterprise storage.
  • Linux kernel stuff, Plan 9, OpenVMS, HPUX, AIX and Virtualization.
  • Log processing and backups.
  • Site infrastructure designs to support very high throughput and availability and proper replication and load balancing strategies.
  • Cryptography, Steganography and Computer Security.
  • I hike, a whole lot.
  • I read, about a hundred books a year.
  • I don't own a car, I bicycle every day; I currently own 2.5 bicycles.
  • I like photography, the real thing, with film and nasty chemicals.

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