And then?

Around 4/15/04..

Well, I'd finally finished the mast prep. Or maybe it was that I just gave up on getting it any better? Anyway.. The call was put out for Bob to come and get it. Talked to Nelson's Boatyard and they said "No problem bring it on by". Cool! Bob picked it up sometime in early March? That man is the picture of punctuality, You could set your clock by his trucking schedule. Truck, mast, loaded and gone!

All that needs to be done now is cut painful checks and everything will be handled by the professionals. Two weeks max and we'll be slicin' the wind and shredding waves!

Life would be boring if everything worked out just like we plan now wouldn't it?

As time passed I started wondering when the mast was going to get finished. I'd not heard a peep from the boatyard, so I went up there to check on progress.

Well, the boatyard took a few nasty hits this year. Then spring happened and they were buried in boats. Seeing what was going on I realized that there was no point in trying to rush 'em. They weren't being lax about it, they were literally head spinning buried.

Heck, there's other things than need to be done on the boat. And hey, we can take the kids camping on it in the marina. That would probably be fun!

So we took the kiddies up to spend the weekend on the boat. (Tied to the dock.) OH MAN! Having kiddies on a boat that have never been trained how to behave on one. And, us not knowing how to deal with kids on boats like this.. I'm GLAD there's no mast on here!

It was liking trying to keep track of a bunch of electrons! Zoom! Smash! Bang! Crash! WAAA!!!

"Hey look at me!!"



"I TOLD YOU!! STOP!!!!!"

That first weekend was a bit of a nightmare. The kids had the times of their lives. Sunday afternoon when we got home Julie and I hit the sack and slept 'till dinner. We were wiped out!

The kids havin' fun. They discovered a secret chamber at the end of Dan's bedroom. And they named it? You guessed it; The Chamber of Secrets.

Now, the current breadwinner of the family gets to do whatever she wishes. Beer and a Yacht magazine suites her just fine. Toss in a bag of Doritos and let me shlep kiddies for an hour out on the docks; We can visit the boat any time we want.

By the third weekend things were starting to be a little more sane and we were all beginning to have fun. Lettin' the kiddies drive the boat as we motor around in the estuary gives them about as much boating thrill as they (and we) can handle at the moment.

If I'd had the mast on here I'd probably be trying to teach them to do reach/reach jybes through weekend traffic with the chute up. You know, those scarring experiences from your youth that you have to pay a shrink to listen to when your older? Yeah, this is better. Motoring just doesn't hold the emotions for me like sailing does.

"Watch it, there's another boat.. No, NO! Push it the other way! Good.. That's fine, as long as you didn't actually hit anyone.."

So.. What's going on now? Well, the yard finally got the mast painted. Looks all shiny and new. Then I scheduled it to go to the rigger with the false hope of maybe sailing the next day. I never do learn do I? Maybe when you give up hope you get old and die? I donno'. The Oakland boat show's going on right now and of course, everyone in the boating industry has to be there. Aw well, that's fine. Maybe sometime after the show? As it turns out, I have to go to L.A. to help Don (Squirt) pick up his newly prepped Jetboat this weekend anyway. That should be fun. There's a BBQ in the middle of that plan. (Yumm!)

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