Eleventh weekend of the refit..


What a day! Sunny and warm. Who wants to sand on old paint on a day like this? Not me!

Oh well, get out the sandpaper and get to work.

Almost finished stripping Saturday night but it got dark and I couldn't see if what I was sanding had paint or not. Being tired, I knocked off for the day.

By Sunday it was starting to think about raining again but at least the stripping was finished, Yay!

Next is to sand it all down with 120 grit to smooth things out. Then its time to paint. Should be done really soon!

Well, that was the plan. It rained and rained, then Shelby got sick and this and that.. Nothing was done for the rest of the week to move this forward.


The plan for refinishing was finalized. This was really painful, 'cause its gonna' cost some cash. Remember, this entire mast deal was an "oops", not part of the original plan.

Well, the plan is to buy the paint from Nelson's Boatyard then do what it takes to get the mast primed here. Acid wash, Aladyne coat, two part Zinc Chromate, two part epoxy primer, sanded smooth.. Then I'll ship the entire thing back to the boatyard and they will shoot the finish white LPU coat. That way there is a possibility of it actually looking alright, after I've made my mess of it.

After that, Glen & I can reassemble all the bits.

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