Fourth weekend week of the refit..


Here's how to get the job done!

Had to go at them with the cane to get 'em working. But now that they are.. Where's my beer?

Ok, so.. Maybe it didn't go exactly like that. Actually it all started because Dan was just dyin' to try sanding. His thinking seemed to be; "If dad does this so much, it must be great fun. I need to do this.."

My feeling was; "Whatever, have at it kid. Knock yourself out!". I set him up with the block sander, showed him where to sand and what to look for while sanding..

That would be; Sand 'till everything is flat or you break through to the shiny base metal. I showed him how to go up and down, right and left then 45 degrees each way. This is to average out as much area as possible to get the best job of flattening down all the bumps. -And not make more bumps doing it.

He watched my demonstration and, in his typical bizarre mental linking, said. "Oh, just like the British flag."

"Huh? What are you talking about? Oh. Well, yeah I guess so. Sand like the British flag." And he was off.

British flag, who would have thought? Now that I think about it, he's right.

Allie just couldn't bare to see Dan having all the fun. (And attention.) She's a complete sucker for Tom Sawyer type tricks. She had to get into the action and tried to steal the sanding block from Dan. Witch started a fight. So I gave her the smaller one and told her to smooth out the leading edge. Smaller ones are better for them tighter curves you see.

Everyone happy now? Right. Well.. No. Within about five minutes, they were fighting over who got the bigger one 'cause, I guess, its the better one.


But of course, as we all know, kiddies have no staying power whatsoever. It ended up just poor Julie all alone sanding away...

That girl will do anything to get me to watch the kids!

Oh! Notice the shiny prop? Lets see a close up for 1HOTGMC.

Ta-Da! See? Something finally got finished! During the last week I spent nearly a entire day taking care of all the details on reinstalling the feathering prop.

First was a trip to Alameda Prop to see if they had any records of how it was set when they reinstalled it last time. The shop had changed hands since but we were actually able to locate my original work order. It was located in a box, on a top shelf, in the back room, dated 1995. There was all sorts of scribblings and writings on the work order that we couldn't decipher. Looked like different pitches and whatever. I noticed on the paper a "16x11" . The prop measured out to 16 inch diameter, so we wrote this down.

Another item on the work order was a line about the prop shaft being cut. That was something we were wondering about at the boat yard. The shaft had been cut right at the locking pin. It should still work, but its kinda' odd.

Back at the boatyard Art, the boat yard manager, and I went through his papers on "Best settings for different engine, tranny, prop combos." After putting in all the variables out popped "16x11". "Cool! It matches!"

So that's how it ended up.

What's the plan with the keel today? After talking to Art and looking over the bare lead, he suggested to smooth out what I had. Give it a double coat of West System. Smooth that out with 40-60 grit and call it done. This was because, A) I really want to get this keel nonsense finished. B) I'm not planning on doing any one design racing in the near future. C) The lead casting already looks really good. His feeling was that I'd not notice any difference between smoothing and coating what I have now and a class minimums type faring job. Cool, were smoothing and coating.

I spent last week and this Sunday smoothing and block sanding the keel. Block it down, fill the low spots and block it again. Sunday was when these pictures were taken and that's when the block sanding was finished up. After that we coated the entire keel again with a rolled on coat of straight West System epoxy, waited forever for it to start kicking off then rolled on another coat. This last coat was done by the headlights of the truck. The kids were kicking up a fit 'cause they were really hungry and tired. As of this writing I don't know how the coating turned out. (Fingers crossed)

I'm stuck at home today 'cause Dan came down with something. Cold maybe? And, I've used up all my babysitting time with everyone we can think of during last week's work. Julie says the weather report calls for three days of rain after today. Today is sunny and perfect for boat work. ARRGH!!!

Oh well, life.

Oh! I talked to Art about the bottom prep for paint. Art said to first wash the entire bottom down with soap and water then just smooth it with 120 grit paper and an orbital sander. Cool! A doable plan. I think..


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