The refit pages preface (Nov 2006)

The No Tomorrows refit pages were an ongoing log of refitting No Tomorrows as the refitting process was going on. At the time of writing, we had no idea if the job would end in success or failure. Most of the time I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel at all. Much of it was a total nightmare.

At the time, 2003-2004, I'd been out of work for a few years and was trying to make ends meet designing, building and selling performance boat products for Banderlog. The main audience for the refit log was the Banderlog online community. So in there you will find references to different people by their online names. Don, the guy in the jeep, now owns Banderlog. Small world, and most everything's connected in some way.

Bootstrapping a startup company, doing the stay home mom thing (as a dad) and rebuilding the boat all at the same time was tough! But now we look back and, wow! We're sure glad we did it! It was during this time I wrote the first version of Kidbank to help manage the kids and the house chores. I was paying the kiddies $2/hour to help build Banderlog products. Both Dan and Alex learned to solder before they were Ten. Shelby at five, would to run parts to the different work stations in garage when we ran the factory. They loved it!

Anyway, enjoy The Refit log, it was a lot of fun writing it!

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