So we went over to Tony’s to see what we had to work with.. Oh dear..
What do we have to work with?
This isn’t Tony’s El Toro. This isn’t Tony’s garage. This is just some pic I stole off the internet of an old El Toro. Tony’s El Toro was way more thrashed than this one!  Tony got some pix at the time, but there still in his camera. The front and rear corner’s on Tony’s had actually rotted off the boat entirely.
First order of business was to glass some wood to the corners. (Where the corners were missing.) We used the rotting deck as a doner for the wood, It was the same thickness so it matched up nicly for bending.
Wednesday, August 8, 2007 - Guessing at the date here..
Checking out Tony's El Toro.
If only we could have started with this one..