Live to epoxy, epoxy to live..
West System is my friend
Very happy with the results from the last night’s work. The boat now has actual corners. This was not just a little “whoops” thing, it was originally missing about a foot of one front corner. We’d rebuilt from the inside and epoxy glassed it in.
Next we attached a 1/8” door skin as a lid over the boat. This was because I wanted to do a mold with an in-turned flange. Also, this would give a good line to work from when re-carving all the rotted trim strips and edges.
In the words of Jason, “It looks like Tony found this in a creek.”
Once the top was glued and screwed down we routed off the edge.
Next a little body filler, smooth everything out and we’d start building the mold. Yeah right!
Thursday, August 9, 2007
Closing up the plug