Carving and smoothing what a nightmare.
Carving the El Toro
Just a little carving and block sanding. One gunnel was rotten on both ends. the other was missing so we attached a new one. We should have replaced both but didn’t know at the time just how much work and tears the rotten one would cause.
West system, using 410 filler, has problems when you try to use it as Bondo. No matter how thick you mix it, it flows. It would go on just perfect. Then, before it would kick off, it would soften and flow away. This caused days of frustration. %$@*&!! We used the 410 ‘cause it was the easiest to sand.
The missing/replaced front and rear corners needed to be built up, filled, shaped and smoothed. The old rotten gunnel needed to be re-sculpted into shape. There was a lot of the nose of the boat missing, that was rebuilt completely with 410 blobs. Ugh! Not to mention random gouges here and there on the hull skin. Sculpting the rotting hulk into an El Toro shape ended up taking weeks.
Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Carving and sculpting
The rubber sanding block!