Then we realized the entire thing was getting rougher and rougher..
Block sanding..
The entire boat was rotting. The more we sanded, trying to smooth it, the rougher it got. Time for desperate measures.
Tony and I mixed up about a 1/2 gallon of epoxy with yellow pigment and a little 410 for future sanding fun. Tony mixing with me running a paint roller we coated the entire bottom and sides with a couple coats of liquid plastic.
We blocked down the entire boat bottom only to realize, it needed to be done yet again. We’d used the little rubber sanding blocks and they left hills and valleys. This time it was white pigment, three coats of epoxy, no filler.
The entire boat was block sanded with 36 grit on long blocks. Now that smoothed out some stuff! Block sanding took about 2 weeks or so as a back burner project. Finally it was complete and we were able to start on the top of the boat.
There was a lot of design issues pushed back ‘till this point in the project. So, I’m having sleepless nights dealing with them. Where are the split lines for the mold going to be? How large is the inner flange going to be. How is the flange going to intersect the transom? On and on..
Well yesterday the plug was finished! For now its decided to do a four piece mold. Sides and ends. Currently Charles is working on the dams that will be the split lines between the mold sections. (Fingers crossed)
Monday, October 8, 2007
Block sanding.. Uggh!!
Finally starting on the top. Charles with block sander Tony sanding