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Well Kite flyers, Here it is, straight from the horses mouth. The
directions to the Portland fly. Jeff has promised a lavish spread,
clowns, entertainment, free babysitting, free car wash and for our
veiwing pleasure, a full monty. Too cool, Jeff. We'll be there.
fly lots and grin


   Delta Park is one mile south of the I-5 bridge joining Portland
and Vancouver.

   Take I-5 North or South to the Delta Park exit.  Turn East, the
park is clearly visible.  Take the first turn to the north at the
gas station and look for the kite geeks!  We'll meet up 10:00 A.M.
If you get any kite line wrapped your navigator call Jeff MacInnis
on the car phone at 503-720-7559.  Let's get vertical!

                                        The Fat Kid