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From: (Brian Johnsen)
[1] Re: New Year's Day Kitefly
Date: Wed Dec 23 18:58:44 PST 1998
Organization: Tethered Airfoil R&D

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WT  wrote:
>Could someone help me out by posting directions to this park from I-5.
> wrote in message <>...
>>Thanks to everyone who responded to help me get on the right track here
>>for our Seattle area kitefly :)     GOLDEN GARDENS from 11am until ??
>>Happy Holidaze to everyone out there on rec.kites!!

  If the weather is still cold or raining, the best way to go is to take
the 45th street exit at the University of Washington, then get down to
the road along the north side of the ship canal between Lake Washington
and Puget Sound.  Hmm,  That's N. Northlake Way.  Follow that to Freemont
at the bridge, turn north a block then west along Leary Way.  Follow that
to where it runs into N.W. Market in Ballard.  West on Market til it does
a short sharp corner and turns into NW 54th St. and turns into Seaview Ave.
N.W.  This runs along the Sound behind Shilshole Marina.  If you follow it
to the north end it runs right into Golden Gardens Park.

  This route is quite flat and easy to navigate in adverse conditions.

  Another way to get there is take the N. 85th St. exit of I-5 going west.
Follow that all the way across town to the cliff that it winds down and
under the railroad tracks at the bottom.  Golden Gardens will be directly
on your right.

  If there's any ice still around, this route has a number of
very steep hills along the way, and if it's really wet there's the 
possibility of the road sliding on the cliff and/or being closed.
If you get stuck at the top of the cliff and N. 85th, you can turn south
on 32nd Ave. N.W. and follow that all the way down to N.W. 54th on the
Ship Canal.  Then just go west and north along the Sound.
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 Nobody Notices
  Brian Johnsen

Fort Worden / Fort Flagler
  There are several ways of getting to the Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference.
None of them are terrificly easy, but that's part of the charm of the place.

  Seattle To Port Townsend: (includes I5 and I90)
Follow the signs to the downtown Ferry Dock and take the boat to Bainbridge
Island.  There is a boat to Bremerton from the same dock, so make sure you
get into the right loading group.  There are signs to direct you on the dock.
You can still get there from Bremerton by going North on State Route 3, but
it takes a bit longer.  On Bainbridge, the ferry dock puts you directly on
State Route 305.  Follow this off the island and past Poulsbo to the State
Route 3 interchange and take 3 North to the Hood Canal Bridge and State Route
104.  A few miles past the Hood Canal Bridge there will be a prominent sign
directing you to Port Townsend on an uphill grade.  Follow this route through
Chimacum, past Irondale and a small aircraft field to Port Townsend.

  for Fort Flagler follow the signs from Irondale or Chimacum.

You can also drive to Edmonds and catch the Edmonds/Kingston Ferry. Follow
the signs to the Hood Canal Bridge (about 8 miles) and then follow the
instructions above.

  From Tacoma:
From 1-5, take #16 north, across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Stay on #16 
until you come to #3, and take #3 north. Continue on #3 across the Hood 
Canal Bridge, which will put you on #104 going west. When you reach #101, 
go north briefly, and take #20 north to Port Townsend. 

  From the South:
Take 1-5 to Olympia, and follow #101 north along the west side of Hood Canal.
Take #20 to Port Townsend. 

Turn left at the first light, and follow the signs to Fort Worden. It's 
north of town. You'll be zigzagging through residential areas. Take the 
main street north to its end. Turn right and follow the residential streets 
along the bluff. They should dead-end at Fort Worden. Enter the park; 
Building 204 is straight ahead on the right. 

Elma Track Field

  In case of rain:  Betty's Cafe, downtown just east of the stoplight is 
good, and a bit cheaper than the other breakfast choices.

  Lunch is usually at the Mexican restaurant just west of the light.

  The field where we met last *may* be covered with PeeWees.
In that case, there's another field on the other side of the property
( farther West ).

  You get to the First field by taking the 2nd Elma exit at the Texaco
and Exxon Stations.

  Turn North from the Freeway, and then take the first left ( West ).
Go straight till you hit the field.

  In case of PeeWees, go North around the property.