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Grayland Wa. - July 2000

Westport Windriders

From: "d." <>
Subject: [FK] nfka does grayland
Date: Sun, 09 Jul 2000 10:55:13 -0700

grayland lived up to it's name on saturday; overcast, occasional mist, 70 degrees; certainly nothing to dampen the glorious spirit of the

3rd Annual NFKA Eating Brians' Cherries Festival
and Fighter Kite Smackdown.

winds wsw @ 5k, friendship, and grins were steady all day   brians' cherries were oh so very tasty and the perfect sustenance for our strong bodies and healthy minds.   hornitos was conspicuously absent, so we all maintained the ability to stand up for the entire competition.   whata' day!

Bruce Lambert vs. Chuck Lund johnboy was back from his family reunion stuff.    He's now carrying his kites in beautiful circa 1950 samsonite luggage designed especially for the modern traveling salesman   it's hard to do, but john managed to make the beach seem somehow like a motel 6 deep in east portland... flashing neon signs through rainswept windows and all.

sorry, jeff, but you deserve that one for not showing up.

chuck made his first appearance as a civilian ( we can all sleep safe now that the national guard is finally awake )   we congratulated him for his 30 minutes of dedicated lifetime service, then we proceeded to nail his pretty kites into the sand as many times as we could as an act of true friendship.

Richard Hurd ropes in some new fighters rich did a masterful job of hauling the official pvc flyer-containment devices all the way from elmer   at least i think those were the long white thingies stuck out of his passenger side window like a bunch of floppy 12th century jousting lances.   He entered his nfka rok in the festival's handcrafted competition and won first prize in traditional class.   some say that he won because his was the only kite entered in that class, but we all know better.    congratulations!

John McKenzie reels out string brian, rich and john did their magic all day by introducing interested on-lookers to fighters, then gifting each of their brave students with kite and line.   brian supplied the mylar indians   those big greyhound busses with The Bombay South End Market's 1988 calendar printed on them.    john supplied the flying line and handmade yo-yo spools.   and rich supplied the "drag 'em in off the beach" public relations he is so famous for.    thanks guys.   those of us who do not teach others well sure appreciate you that do.

brian and rich have now assumed responsibility for the nfka world cup team2000.   our representatives have been chosen and they will announce the names in this forum within the next couple days.    nfka goes to taipei.   whoopie!...please bring back good stuff and share with us homebodies.

Donna practices her Tae-Bo stylie donna is nfka's newest hero of the realm.   Her secret is out.    She can keep score.   which almost makes up for her continued failure to keep bruce too distracted and too weak to stand up straight when he enters the ring.

because of her... for about the third time in nfka history... we got all the way to the end of a competition without having to have an hour-long discussion on how to end the thing, and what the score should have been... or how to count to 5.    why is it that all three times we have done this magical thing, the scoring has been done by a nfkaguy of the female persuasion?   anyway, great big hugs to donna!   but beware everyone, bruce is teaching her to fly.    I fear the combination of his kites and the skill she is showing after 4 hours of flying time will soon have us trembling at the mere mention of her name.   woohoo!

ok.   now for the accolades to the glitter and bauble winners for nfka's july fly.   bruce had arranged with the westportwindriderfestivalorganizertypeguys for some very wonderful glittering things to give to winners of nfka's more serious competitions.    big thanks go to both bruce and those really nice festival people.

Windriders Awards

skills competition - novice

johnboy took all the marbles and the pretty little plaque home.

line-touch - novice

Clayton Crites wins this one; is he really only 3.5 feet tall?

skills competition - experienced

1st   brian
2nd   bruce
3rd   chuck

line-touch - experienced

1st   bruce flying his very slow old hunting dog
2nd   d.buka/grins
3rd   brian flying the falcon

a great time was had this 8th day of july 2000.   thanks to all.

See you at wsikf next or check your local flying fields.



Special So Cal Report Via Sharon C.

From: Sharon Champie <>
Subject: [FK] Belmont Shores
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 13:10:31 -0700

Hi guys,

Here's a quick report on the fighter results from last Saturday's competition in Long Beach, Cal.

I was afraid this was going to be a repeat of the last time, where me and Charlie M'Clary were the only contenders on the field, but not so.    Things turned out great!   There were actually 6 of us this time with even a delegate from the Northwest, Rolf Zucher.    Steve Bateman organized a best out of 7 round robin for us where everybody had a go at everybody else, and boy did we have fun!

The day was perfect, sunny and not too hot with winds from the west at about 8mph at the beginning and increasing to about 12 by the end.

When it was all over and all the points were counted we had:

1st...Steve Bateman, flying a Stafford Wallace he rebridled with his fancy 5-point bridle.

2nd..Rolf Zucher, flying a kite he made.

3rd...Sharon Champie, flying a kite Steve Bateman made.

And that's what grins are made of....

P.S.   Mark Sept. 2 on your calendars.   For the first time, we are having a fighter competition at the Golden Gate Challenge!   Hope to see you all there on Ocean Beach, San Francisco.

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