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Art Smith and Chuck Lund catching some rays    Hi, this is Brian J.   Your regular scribe, d., was off hob-nobbing with the social elite on the ski slopes and lodges in Colorado.

   I got down to Golden Gardens Early and grabbed a fire pit for the club to base activities around.   Chuck Lund showed next and we soon had a fire going without using any matches.   Apparently the park had been the base for a number of millenium parties, and there were still a few coals left over in the firepits.    We soon found a few more traditional activities happening at the other nearby pits.   People kept bringing more and more used X-mas trees to burn - which cranked out the most noxious fumes and needle ash concievable, much of which kept drifting through our base.    We had to go out and fly kites instead of sit around the fire.   Gee.

   Art Smith got there next and we set out to do a bit of flying in the very light breeze we had from the north.   The wind was up and down most of the day and frequently, the fighters were the only kites in the air.

Tom Humphrey doing the Buka    While we were taking a break between points, Art noticed a couple of fighters flying up in the field north of us where the main kite bunch was running around trying to get their kites in the air for a few minutes.   Tom Humphrey and Ed & Matt Alden had missed the fire and gone past us to where the normal kiters were parked.

   They stayed up there a while demonstrating that *real* kites are capable of flying in such light winds.

Art Smith, Tom Humphrey giving flight instruction
   We had a number of people show interest in fighters and had an opportunity to hand the line over to some novices who caught on to it quite quickly.  

Janine Shwenk, David Jam, Jeanette Mandanas    Up on the field, A Harold Writer kite display was being assembled.    Harold has been making box kites of various configurations for years.   His workmanship is well known and people who have kites he's made wanted to display them in his honor.   Dan and Janine Shwenk, David Jam and Jeanette Mandanas and many others helped get them together for a photo opportunity.

Steve Childers, Tom Humphrey    All in all the first day of the 'New Millenium' was fine for flying fighter kites.   We can only hope that the new year will continue to favor us.

   We managed to make it through 2000 without having our fun rained upon once throughout the year!