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From: "d." <>
Subject: [FK] february nfka report
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 13:25:25 -0800

elmo highschool...

Cold Warriors

Somewhat cold this morning nfka does it again...18 months in a row with no rain on flying day...when we arrived the snow was all the way up to our insoles...sunshine...temperature quickly rising from 30f to 45f within an hour...bumpy winds 5k north.

kites against a brilliant blue sky, fresh wind, and good friends created a morning that was hard to beat.

chuck flying a new indian with tyvek center panel and mylar wings...he had it dialed in nicely and nailed my buka into the snow more times than is polite...especially for a friend.

x-steve had another couple of beauties from his workbench...seems like each nfka fly brings steve with new kites and always pretty...the kites, i mean.

Steve making a low pass

sir richard was staggered and bleary-eyed from a late night on a dance floor in some smoky dive doing the turkeyneck and the two-step hitchalong...we knew immediately that he was going to be easy game this day.

Preparing for battle
brian spent the morning exercising his silent death tactics while art did a flight test on his whole collection of fighters in preparation for the afternoon competition.

all this manly-man activity made us hungry so we swarmed off to eat elmo's best mexican...besides, we had serious business to attend...

we discussed the first annual shortline world cup...and a decision has been made!!!!!! nfka will indeed sponsor and organize this event...3rd full week in wsikf in longbeach, your mailbox for further information coming soon...'cause you're all going to be invited to share.

Waiting for wind then we trundled back to the flying field...and since the wind had dropped to zip, zero, nada, nothing...we decided to hold our round-robin competition.

chuck was masterful all afternoon...and took first.
brian was silent death incarnate...and took third.

Steve C. vs. Dennis C. ...and x-steve, that silly rascal, took second. this is a very important milestone for him. x-steve has been flying fighters for four years with the northwest nfka gang and, although he builds beautiful kites, this was his very first time to place in competition. his persistence, his good humor, his dedication, and his unselfish willingness to be used as our punching dummy in combat is certainly paying off...and we who have trashed him monthly, driven his kites into the ground, kicked them once down, and danced on their grave can do so no longer...he has emerged...we congratulate him.

so, that's got dark, began to sprinkle and so we all drove off our separate ways with shared grins...for sure.


Chuck Lund, Brian Johnsen, Steve Childers

Right to left:

Art's Thumb
Chuckl Lund 1st
Brian Johnsen 3rd
Steve Childers 2nd