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From: "d." <>
Subject: [FK] nfka escapes ft worden
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 16:38:37 -0800

nfka march 2001 report...

ft. worden kitemaker's conference.

John's wonderful weather device   well, since i just went to fly and die on the gory fields of combat, i will leave the sharing of the entire ft. worden kitemaker's conference to others who attended a fantastic series of learning experiences...   my job being simply to report semi-coherently on a very bloody saturday nfka fly.

  most of the nfka die-hards were there...   except for bruce and donna who were too busy doing strange things to each other in arizona...

  and the fat kid's brother who got lost in his closet trying to find his kite bag...

  and fedxsteve who, it was reported, was engaged in one of his own meaningless life dramas making him much too neurotic to fly...

  and, although present at the conference, brian, gary, and karen were too busy building kites in class to compete on this day...   rumor has it that they were using the conference exactly as intended, not taking a day-long fieldtrip like the rest of us hoodlums.

  yes, there were a couple other important no-shows, but why continue to bore you with such trifles?

  there we were on ft. worden's parade grounds acting exactly like the rag-tag airforce we are...   with heidi's official nfka field weather reporting station towering over our heads - looking ever so much like a major piece of storm-damaged rigging off the ship of fools - telling us it was 52f with the windchill @ 46f and winds wsw @ 1-18mph, depending on when we decided to check the digital read-out...   while the parade ground flags 20 meters downfield told us the winds were blowing from the wnw quadrant...   don't we just love science?...   anyway, many kudos to chuck who conceived the idea of having an official nfka weather station and to heidi who worked so hard at making it transportable and weather-proof?   and giving it it's quaint erectile disfunction.

  So, here we go...   single elimination, best 3 of 5, winner takes home nothing but glorious grins...   normal for a monthly nfka fly.

  The wind was fluky, inconsistent, and challenging throughout the day...

first round...

Things get under way   edwardotheengineer beat tom using another rendition of his holy kite design...   now that I think of it, it seems delightfully ironic, ed beating the pope with a holy indian...

  sir richard beat larry...   which would have never happened had the match been held in a biker's bar like larry proposed.

  the fat kid nailed heidi with three straight points after flying like a complete dunce during their first two engagements...   i was wondering if we were just watching the old portland pool hustler in action, but I observed no money changing hands, i suppose it was only jeff's supreme effort of ego that drove him to take the final points so decisively.

Gary and John attempt to deprive a kite eating tree   arthur took a point from chuck before remembering that it was probably a huge error to do so...   chuck does not forget lost points, nor to whom he loses one...   chuck being a firm believer that he who dies with the most points, wins...   so arthur folded under the pressure, losing the match with a few submissive mewing gestures...   but I do believe that this one successful point has wetted his appetite for lopping off the king's head sometime soon...   just watch.

  then, ron, flush from celebrating his wedding anniversary, absolutely nailed me and my innocent little buka on three straight points...   the last point during a sudden and radical 90 degree wind shift that left me completely vulnerable...   i felt like pollyanna exposing her tush to godzilla...   ron attacked with that windshift faster and better than any other flier I have seen...   which made my previous two groundings on underpoints meaningless in comparison.

second round...

Ian sketched up some kite designs on his computer   much less to report since I was defeated and stopped paying attention...

  edwardo easily outflew sir richard...

  chuck humiliated the fat kid...

  ron lost to the phantom flier (tom)…because he was so totally overwhelmed with his recent success against my buka that his knees were still wobbly in post-erotic afterglow...   silly boy.

final results...

  chuck first...   of course.

  edwardo second...   so good to see him getting back in form.

  ron third...   the rat.

  an absolute great time was had...   much laughter, many chances to learn, and grins so huge we could barely stand the horizontal strain on our ears.

  thanks to all for a wonderful time...

...   and thanks to chuck for allowing me to drink his tequila and sleep on the couch.

  next...cannon beach shudders at the thought of our arrival to fly in april.



and the classes...

  Gary Goodenough and Jeff MacInnis put on some astoundingly good fighter kite classes this weekend.

  Gary provided bamboo spines and CF spars for the students to dress up in the latest paper fashions.   Everyone came out with some of the best fighters on the market today.

first class

Gary Goodenough leads a class through building a paper, bamboo and ricepaper kite

instruction Gary giving good advice

Gary Goodenough Gary's first class on Friday Rokaku Kite Gary's hand painted Rokaku kite
Paper Kite A hand pieced paper kite Gary's WTO Kite Gary's WTO Memorial kite

   Jeff MacInnis ran two classes making two different kites built from carbon fiber, bamboo spines and Orcon sails.

Class picture

needs more rubber cement You do it *this* way Jeff tanks up on coffee for the class Alright yous guys!

Viewing Mordor    Sharon Musto ran a class building Della Porta kites.

   Here, Sharon takes pictures of Bill Gates
( darklordofallthatsevil ) house across the storm tossed sea from Denny Park on Lake Washington.

Sharon's sewing class

George Peters roasting cocoa beans George peters held a cocoa making demonstration that went over very well with everyone involved.   We roasted the cocoa beans, shelled them by hand and then ground them up very fine along with spices to flavor the paste.   The paste is then rolled into balls for later use, or heated in water and mixed half and half with condensed milk for genuine Grenadian Hot Chocolate.   Can't be beat.

Cocoa class shelling roasted beans George grinding and Randy Shannon playing in brown muck

Rick Miller shows his big fat fighter

In the dorm Rick Miller showed off one of his giant fighter kites to the admiring crowd.

Flying Bulldog

Robert Trepanier flew one of his quadline dogs over the cafeteria field