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NFKA levitates Ocean Shores
June 17, 2001

From: "d." <>
Subject: [FK] nfka levitates ocean shores
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 09:37:11 -0700

Bruce, John, Chuck and Tom   What an absolutely great day flying with the nfka brother and sisterhood...  on the huge sandy beach, blue skies, and with enough grins to levitate the entire town 3.75" above the tideline...  And we had beautiful world cup winds.

  For those of you who haven't flown on northwest beaches, you're in for a delightful surprise when you come out here in august...  our northwest wind is born more than 4,000 miles away and enters our country like an anarchistic immigrant not even bothering to clear customs and with nary a bathroom break or pit stop along the way...  nothing to make them veer, shudder, wiggle, or fluke until it finally hits our kites and makes us grin really big.

The Weather Station   Now, sometimes the weather gets all uppity and ends up blowing us off the beach...  this is the northwest, for crying out loud...  but the third full week of august is historically the driest and most beautiful week we get around here...  you really don't want to miss it.

  On this day winds were 12-15k wnw and smooth as whipped cream all day long...  we could tell because the official nfka weather station told us so...  we have been yet unable to tell whether people come over to see us fly or to figure out what the heck that 12 foot monstrosity with the spinning beanie hat propeller is doing on the beach.

  Bruce and Donna are back for the summer…and the world cup...  not any the worse for wear given their 9 month long nomadic adventures around the west in their psychedelic school bus.

2001 NFKA Pin

  Chuck unveiled the 2001 nfka pins...  and they were going like small hotcakes.   This year's design is a buka ( finally )...  but as seen from the back of the kite with the spine and diagonals showing...  nfka is printed backwards, like it would if it were printed on the front of the sail and viewed from the back...  makes nfka look a little like a russian word...  not like any kite pin you've ever seen.   If you want one or more...  $10 per ( and, since nfka doesn't have yearly dues, your purchase of at least one will help us pay for our hornitos stash )...  contact chuck at

Round Robin   We flew friendly skies all morning...  everyone had their whack at bruce trying to wear him out before the afternoon competition...  had lunch...  then back to the beach to battle each other bloody.

  Round robin, 5 points each match, all points count...  we got to the end and darn if Bruce didn't win by a single lousy point...  I think someone gave him an extra point trying to be a good host...  but, silly us and our self-defeating behavior, we let donna keep score, so go figure...  chuck and d ended up tied for second, flew it off best of 5

final results:

... bruce
... d.
... chuck
... king brian
... pope tom
... fedx steve
... heidiboy
... did not finish

Round Robin   or even start for that matter...  sir richard showed up for a few minutes with his honey, then they disappeared behind a sand dune for the rest of the day...  I thought it was because rich was dreadfully afraid of having to fight my buka with his wimpy indian, but donna told me that was really dumb and that rich and his less-than-discerning-about-men woman friend were playing hanky-panky in the toolies...  made me wonder if rich failed to finish that too...  besides, can you imagine anyone who'd rather spend time with a beautiful woman than fight kites?...  anyway, I like my story better than donna's.

  So a great time was had...  got a little suntan...  got our little toes in the sand...  and I got all the way home and climbed into bed before the grin started to hurt.

That's my report.