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July NFKA Flying Report
Grayland Beach
July 14, 2001

HeidiJohn vs. Bruce with d. presiding
From: "d." <>
Subject: [FK] nfka Grayland fly...a report
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 15:30:57 -0700

  Woohoo!   the last nfka ocean-winds fly before longbeach!

  Those beautiful northwest ocean winds ( often rumored to be as smooth as a babys behind ) were waiting to play when we arrived.   Nudging us gently into one heck of a grin-filled day, the winds started tickling us at 4k nnw and built all day, ending in a rambunctious 6pm takethishomeandstuffitinyourdreams wrestling match at 15k wnw.   Totally steady, smooth, and wonderful all day long - as confirmed by the official nfka weather station.

  And sand, blue skies, sunshine, and 75 degreased.

John & suitcase of surprise plus Donna   Heidiboy was there when I arrived, his 1950 large-family-vacation samsonite and mismatched barbie doll overnighter lay open, spewing forth their marvels.   I threw up a morning buka ( note: thats "threw up" not "threw-up" ) and there were two of us in the crisp light air.

( Web_ed:   That's where they come from ?   Wow ! )

Steve's newest Swallow and banners   Chuck hauled a couple of 18-ft vietnamese bamboo poles and 2 test samples of nfkas new world cup bannering system.   Graphics and colors are modeled after marine signal flags and set into an asian banner format.   Flying like horizontal ship pennants they work well as wind directional indicators also.   Those puppies are going to be absolutely mind-blowing when all 24 are lined up at longbeach.

Dennis, Chuck, John, Donna, Steve and Rich flying, Bruce judging
 and Festival Kites   Patrick showed up for his first nfka fly bringing two fighters made by his own hand.   His craftsmanship already looks masterful, calling to mind the work of the fat kids silhouette and nothing could beat the fat kids work when he was in his prime, so you understand.

  King Brian brought beer but only one bottle?   poorly disguised as ripple in a wrinkly old brown paper sack but we all saw the bottle was brown, so we werent fooled one bit.

( Web_ed:   it was cider, and the bottle was green.   So there ! )

  Hizzonorsteve brought his latest swallowtail design to test against reality.   Beautiful hybrid machines.   You have to see them, and fly one, to see whats so special about them because I can't explain the rigging.   just let me hint that there is an adjustable stand-off involved.

  Donna brought Bruce.   We keep trying to get her to leave him home so someone else can win a point once in awhile but poop, here he shows up again with his boyscout smile, perfectly socialized personality, and magic flying fingersok, so we complain when he flies south for the winter and complain when he's here for the summer.   pure tough love.

Dennis, Chuck, Bruce

Enough commentary, on with the show

Round robin. (of course)
Six points per match.
All points count.
Everybody wins

Listed in order of how much each of us won:

Bruce (again)

  Donnathanks again for the masterful roundrobin scorekeepingnot only are you amazingly brilliant and wonderfully sweet, you have really cute ear lobes, too.

Some highlights

Dennis, Donna and Banners   Patrick won his first points in competition.   there are no novice comps at nfka monthly flys and we applaud him for braving the big dogs and taking points first time out.

  After a solid year of dedicated flying with nfka, Steve got to understand what it feels like to still be in contention at the end of the day. A special feeling and an important milestone nobody could count the grins that steve had pasted to his cherry face all day.


  Sir richard did a masterful job once again working with festival organizers. The westportwindriderguys have been long-time nfka supporters providing us good flying fields and ribbons for our competitions each year... alas, we usually treat them poorly, never showing up for the potlucks or banquets, making sir richards work in our behalf all the more importantand, if I may add, futile. But I just have to admire his tenacity and add my thanks to the windriders for putting up with a bunch of outlaws once again.

Dennis, Donna scoring, Steve Grins.


Bob and Charmayne Umbowers flying Hazmat suit