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September NFKA Flying Report
Fort Flagler State Park, Wa.
Sep. 22, 2001

  OK   I feel a lot better now about accepting the throne I understand what I'm sposed to do.   What I'm sposed to do as monarch has not exactly ever been explained.   But yesterday I was given one of 3 Tally Boxes, a cool numbers set, and the increadably cool Nfka China ( Say Thank you To Jeanette! ).   I'm not certain but I think my job as Monarch is?   I think I'm suposed to pick the numbers for the NFKA mob rackets.   I'm not quite Sure?   As I haven't been called on to pick them yet?

  Yesterdays Fly was a delightfull adition to a wonderfull fall day.   First day of fall!   We flew On the big parade grounds at Camp Wilson.   Then we flew the beach at Marrowstone Point ( That's where I fish ).   I showed a fishing kite to all.   Then Thanks to Chuck We found smooth wind to play touch down by the boat launch!   We flew all day.   Volenteens Ruled bukas on top points thanks Tom.   and "I O Chuck $10 or lunch, or something" for the Volenteens disapointing performance earlier.   It was a $10 bet.   I lost!

  We never did Rattle the Numbers and draw for competition.   It's probably my fault.   I'm not used to being in charge!   We just played!   and ate great fish as the sun went down!

  "Build Well And Fly Friendly"   Heidiboy

  ( web editor brian says: )
  I forgot to bring my camera along this morning, so I stopped at the store and got a disposable camera in order to get some color prints.   Later I took pictures of those with my digital camera.   Well, that's the way they came out ; )

John, Dennis, Chuck at Camp Wilson Dennis flying a paper Babu Kahn kite Flying down on Marrowstone Point Help me remember who this is, flying with Tom Dennis, John, uh?, Tom, Chuck, Marrowstone Chuck and Dennis near the boat launch uh?, Tom, boatlaunch Dennis' buka skimming low Dennis, Chuck and Chucks' kite Another buka closeup Dennis and Chuck tangle it up a bit Another Top point Ron finally makes an entrance Ron flying into the sunset John and Tom Johns' fishing kite

  After flying, a few of us stopped by the Osama Japanese restaurant in Port Townsend.   John was sceptical of the raw sushi so he got a platter of cooked albacore.   The rest of us chowed down on the great international quisine.   Highly Recommended.