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October NFKA Flying Report
Magnuson Park, Seattle
Oct. 27, 2001

From: john mckenzie <>
Subject: Re: [FK] well? pudding?
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 03:33:59 +0000

>how was the nfka fly last saturday on kite hill?
>details, please.

John, Steve, Rich, Chuck and Ed

  Hi "d" Queenie Here The WAY Neetest Detail I can Report is that Ed's engineering skills and his atention to the small details.   Those most mortal humans miss has Resulted in His display of yet another amazing feat!   Due To the inhearent differences in the viscosity and weight of various puddings.

  Ed Has again astonished us all!   ED CAN STACK PUDDING!!   Honest!! We All Seen it!!   Ed brought his pudding desert from the self serve all the way back to the table and set it down for all to see.   It was twice the hight of the bowl!   The structural details of this culinary work of art Involve Way more than I could absorbe in Ed's first explinatin of it!   The Vinella Wafers do something to the Tapioka That suports the chocolote that...   that...   I was Totally Impressed!   ..Queen Heidiboy

  ( web editor brian says: )
  I suppose at least some bit of this report should be about kites and conditions on the hill.

  When I drove into Magnuson Park this morning, there was a Ladies only fun run all the way along the access road and up to the Burke Gillman bike trail.   The low point in the beach access the road was flooded clear across and I had to wait for a while for the runners and severall jogging strollers with occupants to ford the river.

  I found Steve, John, Rich and Chuck already out at the field along with much rain and humidity.   Steve and I flew for a couple minutes at a time, then dived under cover to dry out for a bit and watch the runners go around the footpath at the bottom of the hill.

  After about an hour or so of this, we decided to give it up as a lost cause and break for lunch.   Ed suggested   !ZOOPA!   out at the Northgate Mall.   Nobody had any serious objections, so we retired there to get out of the rain to yak about what had been happening in the last month and kites in general.   "The North Seattle Pudding Incident" reported above devolved from there.