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November NFKA Flying Report
Elma, Wa. 2001

From: John McKenzie <>
Subject: [FK] NFKA Flu Elmo
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 04:59:36 +0000

An interested spectator and his best friend The Queens Report.

Nfka Arrived in Elmo in the fog.   And just as we arived a light breeze began to push The fog off our field and lift our kites.   The day Was Beautiful 55 degrees.   Clear sky's.   Sun on your face.   It was the most Glorious September day November could muster for us!   I wore the shade 5 welders glasses for the competition!   The sun was out!   It was great!

During, Lunch Discussions At EL Ranchon We tentatively set the schedule for next year.   Hey Bruce Can You Cook?   How many sleeping bags will fit in your living room?   We've decided to make a little road trip for our February Club Fly!   Yep!   We're Invading 'en Mass!!   We're Looking into Chartering a bus! Yep!   Teach You To miss a club fly scheduling meeting   ;)

Ok Back To reporting on today's Fly.   Six of us Flew a 3 point round robin for total points.   I think This is the score Chuck was Again "King Charles" with 13 points.   Brian and Tom tied, at 8 points.   Steve and John tied with 7 points.   And Cutter Flew too!   Brian and Tom Flew off for 2nd and 3rd.

My days Goals Were met I gave away a bunch of winders.   And All my Thread! It was a great fly!   And we have 3 new Flyers!   Two bought Building Materials! There hooked!   It Was A Great NFKA Fly!   This Just Goes To Show A Day Flying With NFKA Beats A day Waiting for your gutters to sag..   or your .com stock to tank!

Build Well And Fly Friendly..   Your Queen Heidiboy.< br clear="right">

Chuck, Tom, Rich, Arthur, John, Steve, ? Tom instructing a new convert Group Photo Another Group Photo Who was there Tom Humphrey (3rd), Chuck Lund (1st), Brian Johnsen (2nd)