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From: john mckenzie <>
Subject: [FK] The Queens Report : )
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 01:47:00 +0000

Hi All,

   Todays Fly Was So Increadiably Well Orginized!   Would You Believe We flew our match Before Lunch!!   Really!!    We were so Orginized Today!   We had a real computer printed score sheet!   We Even each had Pilot Numbers!!   Honest!   REALLY we did!!

   I Naturally As Queen Drew #1 in the random draw.    It's a Sword and Stone Thing..   Just Natural That I would draw #1..   To bad I didn't fly to the calling.

   Actully..   Due to the decreasing wind more than the increasing rain.   We quickly drew lots for a round robin then each flew our first 2 schedualed oponents, for a total point score.   That was the game!   The format works..

   Chuck won with a perfect 6.   Steve was 2nd with 5.    Brian and Dennis tied for 3rd with 4.   Rich and I flew too.

   After the game..   We Washed off the field and down the road to A Really Good Barbeque Joint just off 72nd Ave. on 38th St.   YUMMM!!!   And Cheep TOO!   $6 stack of ribs lunch!   And They Let us dry our coats and socks next to the grill too ; )   No they didn't just kidding.    It is a recomendable food place!

   The Fighter kite plan for next month is to campfire at Golden Gardens New Years Day and then kite hill the 19th.

Build well and Fly Friendly
..Your Queen Heidiboy : )

0.040 battens    Steve Childers has been beavering away with some new kite designs that have some significant structural differences.

   The first is an 0.040 bowed batten that seems to smooth things out in addition to his split tunnel tail.

buka bridle    The second is bridling a buka onto the bow string instead of directly to the bow.   It seems to smooth out how the kite reacts to control.   It also moves the bridle pick point down when pulled hard and helps it to track straighter.

Rich, John, Dennis Dennis, John, Rich, Chuck, Steve Rich, John, Dennis, Chuck, Steve Everyone holding strings Nice Wet Day