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NewYears' NFKA Fly Report

Happy New Year- John M. Kevin M. Steve C. Chuck L.

From: <Brian Johnsen>
Date: Sun Jan 6 17:34:36 PST 2002
Subject: NFKA NewYears Meet at Golden Gardens

  When I woke up 01/01/2002, the ground outside was dry, but the wind in Renton was blowing like all get out.   There were bits of fur branches dropping on my roof and filling my gutters with even more debris.   On the way over to Golden Gardens a couple of fat raindrops hit the windshield and only got worse the closer I got to the park.

  At Golden Gardens, The first person I saw was Kevin MacInnis, a long lost club member, who told me he had been pushing out the walls of his house for the last six months.   John and Chuck had already got a fire going in one of the pits, and a steady drizzle had set in for good.   The wind out over Puget sound was nearly static and it was fairly difficult to get any kites in the air.

  We put a couple kites up though to show willing, but soon put them away to huddle under umbrellas.   Steve Childers, his wife and a friend got there next and we tried flying a bit more, but soon gave up on that.   The rain came down harder.   We all jawed a bit more, but finally decided to give up and head back home to dry out.

  When I got back to Renton, the wind was still up, but blowing even more rain all over.

  Happy New Year to all, and I very much hope the years flying schedule is blessed by as many clear weekends as we had in the past year.

Somebody turn off the taps