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January 2002 NFKA Fly Report

Rich and Chuck getting an early start

From: john mckenzie <>
Subject: [FK] The Queens Report
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 02:52:56 +0000

  NFKA Drew Numbers And Flew Competition on Kite Hill Today!   76 degrees, sun on our backs wind smooth and steady southeast 5 to 7.   Oh well one could dream...

  The Temp was in the 40's And the wind was about 3. I didn't setup the weather station but I checked the surounding fixed stations history records for when we were there The wind was zero early and 3 later, the temp was 42.

Gormless Council Meeting

  Patsey Took us to the QFC on 45th for coffee. That was pretty cool!   Rite there in the corner of the store at the end of the fortified wine isle they have tables and a fireplace. You can consume your purchase! We arn't sure if we were sitting among "Seattle at home" or "Seattle's homeless". But we fit right in. I had a nice salad.

  The wind picked up so back we went.

John officiating

  The compition went Chuck 10. Dennis 7. Briann 5. Steve 5. i Rich 4. I woosed out wounded and didn't fly. I flipped the nickel!

  There were some way cool points and almost points, Steve 360'd and missesed Dennis by the width of the kite. Brian scored over the top 20 degrees into the wind!

Dennis 2nd, Chuck 1st, Brian 3rd

  These were points to see!

  Skill is fun to watch! It was a great day!

Build well and fly friendly
Your Queen ...Heidibhoy