Copyright ©: 2002 NFKA

From: Dennis Crowley
Subject: nfka june fly (Steve is King!)
Date: Jun 17, 2002 11:46 PDT

Heidis hysterics

  bleah!!...   everyone please forgive our queen's hysterics and confused abuse of presidential power...   menopause, you understand.

Setting up the field

  it was indeed a great saturday...   nfka at ocean shores...   70 sunny winds 4-5k west...   and 7 friends flying kites together, grinning on the beach.

Getting organized

  yes, steve did kick our collective butt and finally became the first person to dethrone our grand champion chuck in many months.

Steve Stomps it

  yes, steve is doing things to his beautifully designed fighters that would make jack the ripper blush...   he's making those puppies sing with topsecret aerodynamic invention...   we foolishly thought we had taken fighter kite design to its heights...   not so, because steve's busy raising the bar and we're glad.

John gets a chance

  yes, steve did win first place in a nfka monthly fly...   after 4 years of dedicated practice and personal focus, he did it.

Steve stomps the next guy

  yes, steve did fly barefoot to show us that he is indeed a manly man and then failed his self-imposed puberty initiation as he limped around and whined all day about how hot the sand was.

John vs. Ed H.

  yes, steve did not eat yak and eggs for breakfast at the rusty tractor.

  yes, steve did win big this day.

  yes, it's very, very nice...   all due congratulations and loving nfka noogies to steve.

  but, no he can't be president until mad mary says so...   and she says before he can take on that lofty position, he has to first adhere to her 10-point plan:

1. hand polish her 3 mercedes limos
2. buy a working computer
3. behave as nicely as his wife
4. drink a lot more hornitos...a lot more
5. get a real job
6. quit whining
7. join the men's hair club
8. donate a month's wage to the nfka treasury
9. build everyone a kite
10. swear a blood oath, on penalty of castration, not to disappear

  so heidi...   thanks for the nomination...   presidential decisions are made in august so that gives steve a couple months to straighten up his act...   actually, only #8 and #9 are required.

Chuck Lund, Brian Johnsen, Steve Childers

hey, fat odds?

many grins.