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Cannon Beach Or. - April 2000

From: "Ron Lowry" <>
Subject: King Charles takes no prisoners in Cannon Beach
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 21:59:42 -0700

Cannon Beach 2000    Chuck Lund ( aka King Charles ) and the rest of the ARP crew wrecked havoc on Cannon Beach, proving that, like fine wine, the NFKA flyers get better with age.   And let me tell you, Chuck was unstoppable, almost.   He only gave up one match, the entire day.   Way to go, Chuck.   Second place went to Bruce Lambert, third place to Dennis Crowley, and as long as I'm the one writing this article, lets talk about fourth place.   May not be a podium place, but it's the best I've done so far, so I'll include it, Ron Lowry, fourth place.   Congrats to all of you.

Jeff MacInnis vs. Bruce Lambert    And what a day of flying it was.   High clouds, bright filtered light, soft breezes ( 2 - 3 MPH ), dwindling to nonexistent breezes, low tide, and the camaraderie of fighter flyers.   My oh my.   Let me rephrase this; the winds went from light to nothing, most other kites were grounded, the fighters were having toooooo much fun, and at times we were the only game on the beach.   Waaaay cooool.

   Honorable mention has to go to Jeff ( the fat kid ) MacInnis, for having the most cloned kite on the beach.   Brian and I both cloned his "Goldie", and what a lovely kite that is.   I flew it in zero wind, and I flew it the next day in 12 - 15 MPH winds and it flies great.   What a wonderful design, Jeff.

Ron flys REALLY short line    I hate to keep tooting my own horn, but a special award has to go to Bruce and I for most entertaining fight.   The wind was dieing, Bruce and I were flying over's, Bruce got me in a veeery compromising position ( he was over me, behind me, on my side of the arena, with a mile of line out, in full control, and tasting blood ) I was reeling in my line trying to fly out and over him, and the wind died.   I pulled my line, and the kite flew toward me.   I got so I was flying inches from my bridle, had to launch in almost zero wind, with Bruce over me and go back on the offensive.   And I did it, thrice.   The spectators were laughing so hard, they blew my kite back into play.   Next time you're flying overs, pull that bad boy in, grab it six inches from the bridle, and hey!!!!!!! your opponent can't touch your line.   Make sure you have plenty of people behind you, laughing and guffawing to blow the kite back into play.

Chucks red kite vs. Art Smith    But, I came to praise Chuck.   Expect him to do serious damage at LB.   And if you get the chance to fly him, sneak over and check out his kites.   Ya know, I read what Dennis wrote on the Topica Site about Chuck's workmanship, but you really have to see it for your self.   Taut, smooth sails.   Whew, a beauty to look at.   Nice work, Chuck.   Nice flying, and nice kites.

Bruce Lambert, Ron Lowry & Goldie clone    Bruce, wadaddya say about Bruce.   He's so relaxed, so smooth, he's got a grin plastered on his face, kinda lulls you into being a little too relaxed......and zap, like a venus fly trap, your caught.   Damn Bruce, how do you do that?   Bruce was flying a kite top half orcon, and bottom half Mylar.   Or was it the other way around????   Seemed to change on every other point.   Hmmmmmmm.

Dennis Crowley vs. Gary Goodenough    Which brings us to Mr.   Crowley.   Now you're probably saying to your self....   ron, he came in third.   I mean third's good, but the way you gushed over the other two, what do you say about third place?   Well, sonny, let me tell you, he did it with a Buka.   I remember, at Bruce's, D telling us that a Buka would take LB some day, and that crazy buzzard is gonna do it some day.   Now before you all switch to Buka's, bear in mind that the kite is good, but in the masters hand, it's a terror.   Way to go D.

   A tip o the hat to Gary Goodenough, for officiating the match.   Good job, Gary.   The rest of the Cannon fodder for the ARP trio, were Brian, Jeff, Steve, and Art.   Ya know, with the matches I've seen so far this year, I can hardly wait for LB.   Come on, come on.

   Hope to see ya'll in Steilacoom on the 20th.   As soon as I get directions, I will send 'em out.   Watch your Email.

Your Humble Scribe


Reel Line Break

Chuck Lund vs. Art Smith

Chuck Lund vs. Art Smith - Gary Goodenough presiding

Bruce Lambert, Jeff MacInnis

Bruce Lambert and Jeff MacInnis flying way upwind

Low level kites

A couple of kites running a low level under touch point

Wotcha Jeff!

Mr. Mailing List mugging for the camera

Ron vs. Steve

Ron Lowry and Steve Childers dukeing it out

Seting up the squared circle

Gary supervises the arena setup.   The guy in black on the left I dunno.   Then Art Smith, Bruce Lambert, Gary Childers, Chuck Lund hiding behind Gary Goodenough, Ron Lowry and Dennis Crowley.

Jeff and his Rumbler

Jeff displays free range dog damage next to his classic Rambler

Tra La La La

Reel Line Break