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Nice Day Eh?

Out on the Beach

Cannon Beach Meet, April '99

   When I got to Cannon Beach on Friday evening the wind was up quite a bit, about 10-12 knots.   I went out on the beach and flew for about 15 minutes or so.   Suddenly the wind picked up my kite bag and started rolling it down the beach.   I thrashed around trying to get the kite I was flying under controll, straighten out the line on the ground and grab my reel, all while chasing after most of the kites I had brought along to fly that weekend.  

   I hadn't fastened the top of the bag, so kites started tumbling out one by one and rolling down the beach on their own - all off on different trajectories.   After awhile, I caught the bag (with a couple of kites still in it) but gave up trying to chase all the individual kites.   Most of them ended up lodged in the driftwood along the high tide line and I was able to retrieve them there.   They were all mylar or tyvek so none were damaged.  

sled kite with moon

   Dennis showed up then and helped me hunt down the remaining stray kites, after which we decided that there was a bit too much wind to be fun to fly.   The moon was out and I saw a nice shot, so I threatened Dennis with grevious bodily damage in order to get him to hold onto my sled kite and set up the picture.   We went off to the Sea Horse RV park to check in.   Jeff, Ginger and Amy were there already setting up camp, so we ran through greetings and bald faced lies for an hour or two.  

   We decided to drop down by the beach to do some sunset flying and found that the wind was just right on the beach at in front of town.   I had been flying earlier at the festival beach about a mile south at the Sand Sea Resort.


   Next day we met up with Chuck Lund and had a very nice day of flying at the festival site.   We discovered one of my kites that got away had been found in the creek by a young flyer who we gave some instruction.   Seemed to be having a good time.

found a kite

   That evening we decided to have a sudden death points showdown between Dennis, Jeff and myself.   Midway through, the wind died so I had an advantage over the others because I had been practiceing indoor flying.  

  1. Brian Johnsen
  2. Dennis Crowley
  3. Jeff MacInnis

   Sunday moring rained, kept on raining and looked to keep on forever.   Ron and Patty Lowry came down from Seaview and bought breakfast for us at the Pig n Pancake.   I left about 1:00 and found out later that the weather had cleared up shortly thereafter.   Oh well.   I had a good time and I think that it went off well for everone else.