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Golden Gardens Meet Feb. '99

The weather started out fine.   This turned out to be one of the very few non-soggy days this winter.   The Olympics were showing up at thier best and everyone was out blinking at that strange bright thing up where the clouds usually are.
wide shot b

wide shot d

People drifted in all morning and we eventually got a few tangles going.

shot f

Larry, Moe and Curley showed up and gave us all a demonstration on
Here, Here, Here, let *me* do it! *Boink!*
Heeeeeeyyy! Whoops!

We had anticipated very cold wet weather when planning this meet, so we decided that we'd bring along some firewood and roast hot dogs if the weather turned out too vile to fly in.  It turned out so nice that the fire was not really needed, but we decided to cook weenies anyway.