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We Want YOU!

Magnuson Park, Seattle Meet, May '99

NFKA Pin    The new pins are in!   Hi Fighter Kite Fan

   CHECK'EM OUT !!   These are really beautiful pins.    Cloisonne with gold outline and letters, black kite with red tail.

   NFKA gives Dennis Crowley a really big THANKS for designing our1999 pin!

   As you can see by the attached photo, the new pin is a unique and beautiful design. It is 3/4" wingtip to wingtip.   Very classy!    A classic collector's pin for sure!    And the best part is they are available today!!

   The price listed on the NFKA web site will be $7 each.

   NFKA has only 200 of these beautiful pins.   We will ship them on a 1st come 1st served basis.   My guess is if you don't act quickly, you may be disappointed!

   Please remember the pin is a "fund raising" project for NFKA.    NFKA receives a small amount from each pin sale as a donation to the club.   So even if you don't think you need 3 or 4 or more of these unique beautiful pins, go ahead and order them anyway!   It is for a very worthy cause!

   Please make your check out to:   NFKA    and mail your order and check to:


Reel Line Break

Mag2   There was a lot of kite in the air, even though ours were only moderately sized.   We were sharing Kite Hill with a dozen or so parapente pilots running through a training course.


Lets see, Ed, Kevin, Jeff, Bruce, Dennis, Glenn and Tom
( standing - the bag class was all sitting here )
And I think Wayne below



There was an all day discussion of kites and construction techniques.   At one point Kevin was asking what sorts of adhesives were commonly used by various people and Jeff gave a reply which should probably not be repeated here, that made Tom fall right over.   You see.   It really pays to attend our monthy meetings and find out exactly where your Ackum-Pucky(tm) of choice may be obtained in quantity.

Mag14 Mag16

  After flying *all day* we stopped off for burgers and had a long session with Bruce discussing how the NFKA fighter kite book was coming along.   We got to paw the mechanical that Dennis has run up and talked over pricing options, paper selection, distribution and a variety of other stuff.   Bruce says we're getting close to reality.

  It'll probably be a spiral bound book with enough technical goodies and sheer design flash to appeal to anyone with an interest in fighter kites.

Reel Line Break
Recruitment Poster

   Dennis has done up a poster for us as well.

   We have a young fighter flyer intent on a tangle and clutching his favourite fighter kite.

   Also there's a exhortation to Join the NFKA Today.

   With FEELING!

   How can anyone with any sense -* AT ALL *- fail to be moved by this finely crafted image?

   We'll have new recruits stampeding to our flying field!