2nd Annual September Kite Fly and Dinner
Magnuson Park, Seattle, Wa.
September 18, 1999

From: Ron Lowry
Subject: 2nd Annual NFKA September Kite Fly and Dinner
Date: Sat, 4 Sep 1999 09:09:36 -0700

Okay, it's been one year, and it is time for the 2nd Annual September Kite Fly and Dinner. Last year was a modest success, and this year promises to be bigger and better. The fly will be held on 18 September, on Kite Hill, at Magnusson Park, Seattle. The dinner will be at Ron and Patty Lowry's. Bring your kites, bring your appetite, and, oh yeah, send me an RSVP. I hate to make it a formal thing, but I have to know how much food to prepare. Sooo, by September 11 please Email me at

and let me know if you can attend, and if you are bringing a spouse, or other kite flying maniac with you. In other words, I need a head count. House rules are: NOBODY GOES HOME HUNGRY, so I need an accurate head count.

For those of gastronomical curiosity, the menu of the day will be Mexican. We will be serving both shrimp and chicken, and since I was not able to get the NFKA official beer made in time, again we will serve "Mac & Jacks African Amber Ale". Next year we will have the official "Two Tiger Manga Ale - If You Can't Cut It, Don't Drink It". Thanks Jeff and David for the title. I will try to make a special collectors bottle for each of you (Jeff, I still want the graphic). If you are bringing minors,or if you are a minor, or those who do not imbibe, please bring your/their drink of choice. All else is taken care of, so bring an appetite.

We have had some discussions for fund raisers for the club to do some philanthropic ventures, and it is my wish that we have a spirited discussion along those lines, after dinner. Jot down some ideas and bring them with you. At the last dinner, Ed Alden gave a quick crash course in tying his bridles. If you would like to present something to the group, or if there is someone in the group that you would like to hear from, include that in your RSVP and we will see if we can do an after dinner thing to motivate us all.

If any body has an idea to present at the dinner, please include it with your RSVP.

See you on Kite Hill, and as our illustrious leader always says

"Fly lots and grin"