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   Here you go.   The sail is made from the same MYLAR I sent you.   The wingtips are glued.   There is about a 6" inch distance from 1" up the bow from the tips to the shoulder that makes a hollow sleeve containing this section of the bow.   This allows for unrestricted movement of the bow.    If you need a drawing lemmy' know.

   Like I said, these proportions are not my usual.    This kite has its drawbacks but it did manage great stability close to the sand.   Found the laminar layer real good.   Did not fall in love with it though - the kite ain't got a name.

   What I was trying to do was make the kites wingtip to wingtip line also the center of balance point on the spine.   Missed it by 1/4".   If I make another I'll use a little heaver hunk of tape on the tail or taper the spine to accommodate.   I stuck a piece of Big Red chewing gum on the tail to fake it with.

Length16 3/4"
Width19 5/8"
Weight8.6 gr
Bow - Carbon.060
Bow length straight22 1/2

Measurementsfrom tail
Lower Bridle Point4.6
Distance to point on spine where a line
from wingtip to wingtip intersect.
9 3/4"
Balance point10"
Bow TDC14 11/16"

Cord5 1/16"
Distance from bow TDC to nose2"

Distance from nose to point where
sail meets bow (shoulder)
Point where sail meets bow to wingtip7 " (straight line)
Leading edge overall12" (straight line)
Trailing edge overall13 5/8"
Spine extends1/8" from tail on sail

Bridlethree leg
Distance between upper legs1 7/8"
Distance from bow TDC to lower leg10 3/16"

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