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Haiku by Tom Humphrey: 00-04-03

"Bless our kites and winds-"
-FK Pope

Darting through the mist
my Buka dances a reel
to the foghorn's tune.

I see my Buka,
tracing the sun's foggy halo:
a scene of beauty.

Such joy in motion,
as my Buka leaps skyward.
somewhere, Dennis grins.

From: just4grinsngiggles
Subject: nfka website post
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2000 18:16:28 GMT

Excerpt From the



Not long ago on the Northwest Coast
There rang out a fearsome boast
That hi-tech Indian was kiting king
And the buka-schmooka a pitiful thing

A man called Cutter of Manjha fame
Was the one who made the prideful claim
That hi-tech Indian would win the fight
Over any old half-baked buka kite.

A broken down old wreck of a kiter
once widely known as the "king of fighters"
Took up the gauntlet that had been thrown
and asked to have a contest flown.

An historical event took place this day
Two armed combatants came to play
Armed with Indian and "rectangularpieceofshit"
They came to make a fight of it.

Onlookers followed with awe in their eyes
The streaking flight across the skies
As the Indian shot up and down
Flying horizontally inches off the ground

No one watched the gray haired kiter
As he wearily toyed with his buka fighter
He stifled a yawn and heaved a sigh
Seeming to have no energy left to fly.

As the Indian advanced to take the point
Without appearing to move a joint
The line sprang from the old kiter's hands like a bolt
And brought the attack to an end with a jolt.

The crowd watched with bated breath
The Indian fighter in it's spiral of death
There rose a sigh and then a roar
BUKA SCHMOOKA never more!!!!!

Across the land coast to coast
There now rings out a fearsome boast
That buka buka is fighting king
And the hi-tech Indian a pitiful thing.


Dennis models the latest
kitewear fasion accessory
- The Buka Doo

If you don't soon have your
own, yer a grommit

Om, mani, buka,   hmm... ?

Dennis models the Buka-Doo

From: Pierre Gregoire
Subject: Re: [FK] design
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 23:09:17 -0400

Hi Richard,
The Like is right, the shape is the cover that makes it escape. Umm does
that rhyme, and who says poetry has to make sense.

I was a flyier,who looked for the fire
The wind was upon me, the sound was upon me
The sound was started, but i could not get parted
To find the clouds of time, I thought that it was a rhyme
No matter it goes, because of woes
The kiteflier flies and the ocean lies.

fly the shape,