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ROBOTIC fat kid

Did a notebook once about a futuristic fighter kite made of an omni-plastic material.   The article was a kind of dream-scape, but I'm not sure if anyone got the joke.   Some simple detective work reveals the dream occurring precisely at midnight New Years 2000.   While revellers in our time zone welcomed the new year ( or watched it on television ) the fat kid slept; ha ha.   Well, here's an article almost as 'ging ging' nutty, crazy, wild, and way out.   I sincerely hope the mention of it does freakish things to your frontal lobe.   Ya' ready?   Here goes!

A fighter kite 'flying-machine'!

Yeah, that's right, a machine that flies the kite.

At least when you finish laughing I won't have to waste much time arguing feasibility.   The technology is already here. Aside from the presents of robotics in manufacturing or private research, I've personally seen two examples of this science used for fun stuff.   One is robotic Sumo Wrestling.   Two or more machines are pitted to see which one can remove the other from a 3 foot circle.   Robot Sumo attracts competitors/experimenters from both the amateur and university level.   Another really neat robot is the Snooker playing machine.   I think it was developed at Cambridge University .   If it would have been built at Georgia Tech. they would have programmed it to play Nine Ball.   Anyway, the machine consists of an armature with a box containing a brain, gizmos, sensors and a short little cue stick.   The multi-jointed crane and box navigates its way around on a track attached to the rail of the table.   It does miss once in a while, but the student researchers said it once stacked 27 racks in succession.   "At's a' blooody stroong gaime' a' Snoooker, maigh'!" So, the only thing I see standing in the way of a robotic fighter kiter' is the desire to build one.   Maybe call it the "fat kid Mark-1" or something.

( what; ya' gonna' program it to ground-out?   HA! )

It d' be pretty cool though.   The machine I visualize probably looks much different than the eventual/theoretical first working model .   I'm sure it could be built no larger in size than a garbage can or an old R-2 unit.   Fully automated, pre-programmable to task or skill level, - hell, the thing could even fly compet- itively .   If yer' still laughin', think about this.   According to the N.F.K.A. rules, competing with a fighter kite flying machine is totally legal.

the fat kid