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   In the heat of kite battle, the fingers are often cut due to mis-handling flying line.   Cotton line can deliver annoying nicks, the slicing effects of synthetics can be likened to a trans-dermal cheese knife, and manjha?   Oh baby, I don't play manjha - but somehow I know the stuff has enjoyed sampling deep-tissue-human-meat millions and millions of times.

   I saw a couple of guys fly cutting line last summer and they used a leather sleeve over the index finger of the finesse hand.   I'm thinkin', "come on you guys, its like wearing a 'rubber' or something.   "Thank goodness our western flying line is no more abrasive than necessary, cus' we all like doing it in the raw.   We still take a few cuts though.

   Here is a great trick I stole from dog handlers of the 1100 mile Ididerod dogsled race.   This extraordinary example of human and animal endurance developed a preventative foot care measure for canids by applying "Super Glue" to the pads of the feet.   The dried glue provides a tough measure of protection from the elements.   Works good for kite fighters too.

   Simply apply "Super Glue" or "Crazy Glue" to areas of the fingers susceptible to cuts.   The index finger tips, backs of the knuckles etc.   After applying glue do not close the hands or touch anything until the glue has dried; about three minutes.   Apply two or three coats before flying.   Additional coats may be applied if needed for consecutive days.

the fat kid