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This is my home page. For now it is going to stay a little disorganized. I will get around to cleaning it up sometime. In the meanwhile, I'm going to put up some articles that have had an effect on me. Maybe, they will have one on you too!

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Size of Stars

An interesting note that I found on the usenet groups regarding Tomcat and Websphere (or App servers in general).

There are 2 operating systems that I use, appreciate and am Thankful for. They are:
1. FreeBSD
2. Debian GNU/Linux

This was forwarded to me.

Honda Civic Main Relay Problem

Honda Civic Main Relay Explained

Wonder why creativity is stifled in our education system? Click here for an example.
Mike Ghouse
OpenLDAP Tips
A good ad.
Tax article

"java is great for engineering next generation solutions to enable maximization of developer income by means of enhanced buzzword use".

A Yahoo! User  ?  2 hrs 45 mins ago

    I'm not a Palin fan but the American voters, as a whole, are
uniformed, misled, ignorant, illogically biased, and deserving of all
the problems for which they have voted. You can't even carry on an
intelligent conversation with most of them because they form an
emotional opinion centered on one issue and then only find and twist
information to fit their beliefs which they have allowed the media to
dictate. Not much informed and researched knowledge out there. I rarely
find any of them who have even read a book in the past year. Everything
discussed is bumper-sticker phraseology spiced up with hateful words
from a limited vocabulary. Every day we act more and more like the

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