May 19, 2003

This does NOT qualify as a blog, does it! 

June 26, 1999

I don't take it personal, I hope you don't either.  This site isn't working for me, evidently it isn't for you either, since you don't come by too often.  So, the votes are tallied, 1-0, it's time for a new, streamlined site.  Will it be slick and attractive?  Naw, just the same old format with only a few sites listed.  I have a list of sites that are unusual or exciting.  Another list of sites that offer free, useful services.  And a list of sites that are of technical interest.  That may be the focus of what I'll be working on putting together.  Nothing original or creative here, just pointers to the good works of others.

November, 1998

Another 3 months have passed and still no significant updates.  Small chance that there will be any in the next 3 months, either. 

Not much of a journal.  Oh well, we'll see what develops.

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