I began this story one day after spending 10 hours straight working on producing the WWW site for the Washington State University School of Communications. I was literally thinking of everything in terms of HTML. This was my way of letting off some steam. Here is how it goes:


I was walking down the street.html one hot day, when I saw a building.html. I went into the building.html to get a drink from a fountain.html. I pressed the button.html on the fountain.html and a screen read: 404 URL Not Found. Since the fountain.html didn't work, I decided to go to the main_office.html in the building.html. The head office clerk, Mac.html, welcomed me to the office and offered me some java. I tried to drink the java, but it was too hot for my tongue.html. I tried to scream.html but I had to wait for RealAudio to load up before I could make a sound.

Suddenly, and idea.html hit me. I realized there was another fountain.html on another site. I got into my automobile.html and turned on the search engine. I screamed "YAHOO!" as I launched toward my next URL, a restaurant.html. When I arrived at the restaurant.html, I sat down in a booth.html. My server came to the table. His name was http://www.eskimo.com.

A marquee on the wall read "free gif with purchase of sausage links." He asked me if I wanted some java to start off. I asked him if it was hot java because my browser couldn't handle it. He said the java was cool, so I browsed the menu. I chose sausage links from the index.html. As I was downloading the menu to my server, I dropped it on the table. A shockwave rang out when the menu hit - some thought mozilla was coming. One excited guy jumped off a platform like an Acrobat. He scanned across the floor.html all the way to the sidewalk.com. All of the sudden, there was a click, and a mouse was trapped, breaking the excitement.html.

This lowered the volume a bit. Things were getting real.com. You could hear midi flies zipping around, and I could smell my sausage links. The server downloaded my sausage links. I inquired about the free gif. The server said it was just spam, so I rejected the cookie. As I browsed the plate, it reminded me of a Netscape. I felt like an Explorer walking through a Mosaic of pages. One of my sausage links looked like a Lynx. A Mercury Lynx. Or was it a gopher. Either way, I knew all would be okay when, suddenly, POOF!

I woke up in my bed, where everything was normal. The nightmare.html was over. I got up, and put a pot of java on the stove. When I fired up my computer, I loaded up my web browser. As I downloaded my start page, I saw HTML code. Something was wrong, and I could see all the code! I started to freak out, so I decided to take a walk.

I was walking down the street.html on this hot day, when I saw a building.html…