Last updated January 2002


This page contains a list of my literary publications and awards and a list of the technical articles that I've published.

Literary Publications and Awards

"The Wings," A Line of Cutting Women, 1998

"The Wings," Pushcart Prize XXII, 1998

"The Wings," Calyx Present Tense, October 1996

"Jumping Off," Parting Gifts, June 1994.

"Next To It" The Best of Writers at Work 1993 Edited by Christopher Robbins and Sally Davis. Salt Lake City: The Arts Magazine and Northwest Publishing, 1993.

Finalist, Writers at Work short story competition, June 1993.

Honorable Mention, Utah Arts Council short story competition, 1993.

"Mosaic," "Jumping Off," "Javelin," Shades, June 1992.

"Full Moon," Shades, June 1991.

Technical Articles

"A Dynamic Reputation System Based on Event Knowledge," AI Game Programming Wisdom, ed. Steve Rabin. Hingham: Charles River Media, forthcoming March 2002.

The following articles, which were published in NetWare Connection:

"Understanding the Big ATM Picture", January 1997

"Real-World ATM", January 1997

"A Picture is a Thousand Words", December 1996

"Creating Networks Out of Thin Air", August 1996

"Electric Commerce", May 1996

"Novell Labs: Finding Products that Work With NetWare", Jan/Feb 1996

"NetWare SMP: Boost Your Processing Power", Sep/Oct 1995

"NetWare Client for Windows NT", Sep/Oct 1995

"The Internet: Getting Connected", Nov/Dec 1994

"The Internet: Around the World in 80 Seconds", Sep/Oct 1994