Dart specs

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LOA -- 25’- 10”

LWL -- 22’- 10”

BMAX -- 8’- 4”

DRAFT -- 6’- 0” (Keel Down)

Draft -- 3’- 0” (Keel Up)

DISP -- 2,200 LB


SA (100%) -- 338 SF

SPIN -- 428 SF

SA/DISP -- 31.97  SA/(DISPL/64)^2/3

I -- 31’- 6”

J -- 9’- 1”

P -- 31’- 3”

E -- 12’- 6”

SPL -- 12’- 6”




Hull and deck made of biaxial E-glass over CoreCell core using vacuum infusion process.  Resin is high strength vinyl-ester throughout.

Internal structures, including bulkheads, floor timbers and chainplates made of vacuum infused biaxial E-glass, over CoreCell core as required.

Keel is made of a cast lead bulb encapsulated in a structurally reinforced fin. It is designed to be lifted for trailering.

Rudder is a balanced high aspect ratio fin made of vacuum infused biaxial E-glass and high density foam.

Chainplates are stainless steel, through-bolted to structural reinforcements bonded to the hull and deck.

Mast is made of aluminum. It incorporates single spreaders with shrouds led to outboard mounted chainplates.

Electrical: 12 volt DC system with wiring infused into the deck structure wherever practical. All lights are efficient LED’s and incorporate touch-light technology.

Mechanical: 2 shp outboard motor mounted on a removable bracket on the transom. Engine stowed below the cockpit when not in use. Access to engine stowage is beneath the companionway.

Deck hardware, including winches is Harken.