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Welcome to my on-line gallery! Here you'll find a few samples of my artwork--mostly illustrations of fat characters I have created. If you'd like to see some of the other characters and caricatures I've drawn over the years, I'll be adding a page of them very soon!


The "Rear-View Nude" (below) is my signature piece. I have sold hundreds of notecards, tee-shirts and novelty items (such as buttons, magnets and keychains with this image) to people all over the United States and beyond! I'm especially gratified to know that my work has found a broad audience...if only people were as accepting of fat people as they are of fat artwork.


Beach Baby Notecard GIF Beach Baby has been published 
as an illustration 
and sold as a notecard
(which is still available!) 
Write me for info.)

"fatnude" was my first piece of computer generated artwork. I created her by "drawing" with the trackball on my notebook computer...My dream, of course, is to get a pressure sensitive tablet so that I can draw and paint right into my computer! If ya happen to have an extra one laying around that you don't use anymore....keep me in mind;) fatnude GIF
If you like what you see here, please come back and visit again...if you'd like to own a collection of my fat female images as ClipArt, please click here to see my special offer!
**Please note** 

None of the artwork created by me, and featured on any of my sites is available for download without my written permission! These images are my personal property, and not public domain. If you wish to purchase my ClipArt, or commission me to create an image for you, please write for more information.

All images on this page © Susan Mason, 1997-2000.

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