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I was recently persuaded to make available a collection of my fat artwork for use as ClipArt. Since I have donated hundreds of drawings over the years to NAAFA, Largesse, Dimensions Magazine (in its earliest incarnation) as well as other size-positive ventures, I thought it seemed like a good idea to make my work available as clip art...especially since so many of us use computers these days to produce our own brochures, newsletters, stationery and greeting cards!

Anyway, the short version is that someone produced this project for me. The end result is that there are a few small flaws--not in the artwork itself--but a couple of images were duplicated, and unfortunately, several were omitted. Rather than trash this entire run, I am making the following special offer:

The HeAvY SiGhZ disk, slated to sell for $25 contains 90 images, instead of the planned 100.

The Classic Nudes disk contains 44 images, rather than the 75 I chose, and it was to sell for $20.

If you purchase the HeAvY SiGhZ disk now for just $15.99, I will give you the Classic Nudes for only $3.99 additional! That's a total of $19.98 as opposed to the original cost of $45!!!

Supplies are limited, and anyone purchasing this set will receive a special discount on the next edition of my ClipArt.  At the moment, I have no ETA for that, but when the time comes you will be able to find all the pertinent information here:-)

You can purchase the set for only $19.98, plus $4 shipping for the first set, and $2 shipping for each additional set. If you are ordering only 1 disk, rather than the set, the shipping charge is $3 for the first disk, $2 for each additional disk. (Please note--orders can not be processed unless the full, correct amount is included with your order). It's a great gift for the FaT person, or FA and/or activist in your life!  You'll have lots of options when creating documents, cards and other projects on your computer! The images are in jpg and gif formats which make them ideal for use by PC and MAC users.

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**Please note**
None of the artwork created by me, and featured on any of my
sites is available for download without my written permission! These images are my personal property, and not public domain. If you wish to purchase my Clip Art, or commission me to create an image for you, please write for more information.

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