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Whether you are searching for resource or lifestyle information, fat people in the arts, or you simply want to find what's out there on the world wide web, this is a good place to start. (Eventually, I'd like to make it a GREAT place to start and end!)

If you happen to be surfing the net on a 2400 baud modem (as was my brother until recently,) you're going to have a lot of free time on your hands while your modem limps along the information super-highway...So, if you're looking for something to do, consider subscribing to the Zoftig Zone. It's my new email discussion list, guaranteed to touch you in all those places you *like* being touched;-)

Advocacy, Empowerment, and Educational Materials

Have you been to Largesse's homepage yet? If not, now is the perfect time! You'll find plenty of information and links to educate, inspire and empower you! If you are fat, or simply a fat ally, you can't afford to pass them by. They offer educational materials, literature and among the many products and services they offer you'll find my favorite tee shirt which says "One Size Does NOT Fit All!" They also offer novelties and gifts which convey the messages of pride, and size esteem! Be certain to ask for their database form so that your special talents can be networked with thousands of others to further the cause of Size Esteem!

Diabetic-Friends is a unique email discussion and support list run by my friend, Auntie Susie.  It is not a diet list, nor is it dictatorial.  It's a warm, friendly, supportive place where we can discuss and explore healthy ways to live with diabetes.  We firmly believe that there is no single "right" approach to living as a healthy diabetic, and we discuss different ways of eating--from the ADA exchange program to low-carb eating and everything in-between!   We do it all--from discussions to recipe posting and swapping.  If you are diabetic (Type I or Type II), whether you control your diabetes with diet alone, take oral medication, or use insulin, there is a place for you among Auntie Susie's Diabetic-Friends;)

Mary Mc has an amazing homepage, chock full of all kinds of information. A passionate woman with a broad range of interests, her own fat links are a knock-out! I'm sure that, like me, you'll go for the fat-links, but stay for a helping of everything else!

NOLOSE is the National Organization of Lesbian's of Size, and it's brand new! Their focus is on support, empowerment and community for Fat Lesbians. This organization is open to all women who identify as Lesbians, and their goal is to enhance the lives of fat Lesbians through support, networking, and a variety of ambitious projects. Read the NOLOSE NEWS on-line, and use their community bulletin board to discuss issues and concerns unique to Lesbians of SiZe. Don't forget to print out the membership registration form and join today...and watch for news of their *third* annual conference in 2001!

SeaFATle is a fat activist and support group for women in the Pacific Northwest. I've met some of the women involved (in real life, as well as on-line) and they're a wonderfully creative, warm and exciting group of women committed to enriching their own lives, as well as those of all fat women, our friends and allies. The SeaFATle web site "lives" on Mary Mc's site (see above) and if you haven't yet perused her pages, you must!

Such a Pretty Face (sounds kind of familiar, huh?) is the artistic and intellectual masterpiece of Leigh Baker Foley--an Irish woman with a strong sense of herself and the ability to share who she is and what she believes with the world at large. I find it so rewarding to know that while Leigh and I are thousands of miles and half a generation apart, we have a lot of common ground in this world as both fat women, and artists.

Meet the FLABulous **Teighlor**! If you've heard of the illustrious Teighlor, but haven't had the opportunity to get acquainted with the woman behind the photos, here is your chance! Although known for her contributions to many a wet dream, Teighlor is a remarkably bright woman who is deeply committed to the size acceptance movement. Her website combines pictures (the aspect of her being which initially brought her fame) and "snapshots" of the woman as activist. She publishes regular on-line editorials and answers letters from her fans on every topic imaginable. This is the perfect place to feed your lust, and your intellect. Of course, I'm not even remotely prejudiced, even though I did design (and do maintain) her web site...

Books and Zines

Size Wise is a wonderful book by Judy Sullivan. It contains many personal profiles which are inspirational and comforting, as well as a catalog of resources that won't become obsolete because Judy is committed to keeping her readers "up to date" via her web site! This book is a must have for people of size and our allies! I'm thrilled to be a part of the book, and have personally found Size Wise to be an invaluable resource. I'm also honored to be the recipient of the very FIRST Size Wise award!

If you haven't read Fat!So? you have no idea what you're missing! Marilynn Wann is an amazing woman with great vision and talent. If you are new to fat culture, this zine will initiate you with humor, information and a view of the world you're unlikely to see anywhere else! If, like me, you are an "old timer," you'll be thrilled with Fat?So! and its attitude. Take a tour through Fat?So! right here on the web...don't forget to tell Marilyn that I sent you!

If you happen to be a fat dyke, or a woman who loves them, FaT GiRL is a zine you need to read! In a recent issue of Largesse's "Food for Thought," there is a display ad which promises "smut, comics, resources, rants, news and recipes." Hmmm. Wonder if there are any recipes for home-made smut? <G> I've had a chance to correspond with Max Airborne and she is a very cool woman. To get an idea of what's in store for you in her zine, visit FaT GiRL on the web!

Just for Fun

Big Connections formerly known as "Goddesses in CT" holds dance parties for big beautiful people and their admirers. If you are in the New York metropolitan area, Connecticut is just a short drive away where you can spend a Saturday night in the company of "people of sighs," and our admirers! The parties are held at the North Haven Holiday Inn, and special room rates and after-dance pool parties are offered to guest of Big Connections. For party schedule and other information, please write to Juanita.

On the Fringe

A new category for sites which don't fit neatly into a single definition...

Baklava Schwartz, Undiscovered Diva! If you've gotten this far into my web site, chances are that you like something about me, and/or what I have to say.  If that's the case, you really should take a look at Baklava. She's fat, sassy and a bit absurd (wow, we sound like twins, huh?)...good for what ails you, too--if it's something that a laugh or two can cure. If it's a nasty rash, please see your doctor ;-)

Ton of Fun Tim Jackson and I have known each other since we met at NBC several years ago while doing a comedy bit for Late Night with David Letterman (now known as "The Late Show with David Letterman on CBS"). My part of the bit ended up on the cutting room floor, but Tim and I reconnected through mutual comedian friends about a year later. Whether or not you realize it, you have seen Tim--on Letterman, Conan O'Brien, the film "Batman Forever," and a couple of commercials. In fact, he just filmed a new one (December 1997) for Reynold's Wrap! If you'd like to know more about this funny, talented fat guy, check out his site!

Products and Services

Personal Products: Amplestuff is a unique company dedicated to making the world more comfortable and accessible for those of us who are above average :-) They carry a line of specialty items ranging from extra large clothing hangers and fanny packs (custom fitted with belts made of the same stuff a firefighter's suspensders are made of!) to personal hygiene products, as well as limited edition artwork and novelty items. Founded by William Fabrey and Nancy Summer more than 10 years ago, they not only sell these items, (such as smaller steering wheels and seatbelt extenders,) they publish the Ample Shopper newsletter and test all products before selling them to the public. Find generously proportioned socks, a 120" tape measure and many more goodies too numerous to list here! What are you waiting for? Write them now and ask for their catalog!

Clothing: Myles Ahead is one of my favorite designers. You'll never hear "I'm sorry ma'am...we don't carry that in your size" from Jody! I've known Jody Frankel since she began her businesss nearly ten years ago, and I've seen her blossom. Don't take my word for it...take a look here!

Travel: If you are a fat person who travels, you know it can be difficult to convey our special needs and preferences when booking arrangements. You will be delighted to know then, that Juanita Sanford, a supersize woman herself is a travel consultant who specializes in "Fat Friendly Service." And here's more great can contact her by email or telephone at her home office: 203-878-7127, or fax her at: 203-878-4488. While she is located in Connecticut, Juanita can make travel arrangements for you regardless of your location or destination! Whether you are new to self-acceptance, or a seasoned veteran, it's nice to know that someone understands your needs and is equipped to meet them!

Super Size Hospital Gownsare available from the NAAFA Feminist Caucus and come in one size (10X) in beige with a blue print design, and are 50/50 polycotton. The cost is $30 per gown. Please email Amplestuff for ordering information. In case you are wondering about the size, I can (at 5' 1/2" and 420 lbs) wear the gown, and conceal a weapon and/or an average size person underneath it, too! (Maybe a nice, single, Jewish doctor? ;) But seriously...if you've ever been to a doctor's appointment and asked to wear a paper gown, (the equivalent of making up a king-sized bed with a Kleenex!) or worse, been hospitalized and felt humiliated because their one-size-fits-all gowns don't, you should consider this investment. I own two, and they've become a valued asset. I was recently hospitalized, and the experience would have been far worse had I been forced to "make do" with their standard issue gowns.

Ya Got to Have FRIENDS!

Kimberly's Corner of the Web--is where you'll find this special west coast wonder! She's involved in lots of size-positive activities. Kimberly (known as BBWBabe, or Kimber on IRC) is a writer, activist and so much more! Beauty, brains and heart...who could ask for more?

More Than Meets the Eye! A perfect description of my real-life friend, Kathie--better known as Hug-Kiss, and BatGirl ;-) I joined the fat-acceptance movement before she did, but she was living proud before I dared to! You can also find examples of my artwork in caricatures of This Super-Vamp on her "Links to Great Artwork" page.

SoVerySoft's Home Page is chock full of pictures and memories of size positive events from yesterday, and yesteryear!  Randi and I first met at a NAAFA event more years ago than I can count!  She is special woman, full of warmth and humor, and a great photographer and memory archivist, too!:-)

Chubby LiNkS!

This section is brand new! I've received a lot of email from people who would like to be linked from here, but I wasn't sure about what to do with sites that didn't fit neatly into any particular category, for any number of reasons. So, just for the sake of definition, a "Chubby Link" is a new site that has great potential (in my not so humble opinion;) and deserves your support and consideration. You might find just what you're looking for there...or you might be able to provide that person with direction--after all, we're all in this together. Networking makes us stronger!

Dawn's BBW KINGDOM is a lovely new site, designed and built by a young woman who has been fortunate enough to find herself, and recognize her value and beauty early on. She's candid, positive and quite delightful :-)

Kerrie is, and she has a nifty new site which began when she became a volunteer hosting a folder for Big Beautiful Women in the "Talk Women" area of America Online. You don't need to be an AOL member to enjoy her site though. It has a warm, friendly feel and lots of links to art, clothing, and size-acceptance resources.

*Do you know of a site that belongs here? Let me know!

Do you know of a FaT-FriEnDLY LiNk that belongs here? Let me know!

*Please note: I would like to provide as many links and resources as possible, but this is not a commercial page, per se, and I will not endorse any product or service which I have not personally used. The merchants listed here are all people that I've dealt with personally and/or professionally, and *I* know them to be reputable, honest people who provide a product and/or service of quality, and integrity.

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