February 14

The picture above is a still from a short black & white film I appeared in called "February 14", made in 1993.
Yes, that's me in the polka-dotted shmata, and Andrew Brusso, as Cupid.

Of course, with photographer/filmmaker Andrew Brusso at the helm, it was undeniably weird...
but in a very human, funny and vulnerable way.

It's the story of a lonely woman's fantasy encounter with Cupid. Or was it just a fantasy?

Valentine's Day...a time set aside for celebrating the love we (hopefully) share with someone special--our "beshert" (the Hebrew word for soul mate--the one we are meant to be with). We take time to let those we care for know how special they are to us. It's not uncommon these days to let Hallmark and Godiva do the talking for us;-) Not that's there's anything wrong with that--it's just that *I* am driven to find words within myself to express to those I love most just how much they mean to me.
If you have a companion, spouse, lover, signficant other...rejoice.

On the other hand, if you (like me) find yourself without a true companion this time around, don't despair...search your heart for the places kept warm by the affections and devotion of friends and family...
--even strangers who will touch us for a moment, yet leave us forever changed.

Don't ever feel you have to wait for February 14th to let those you love know just how you feel ;)

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