Okay...some of you have asked for it, and some of you have begged me not to display this image, but since it was a split vote and I do have a sense of humor, here it is--

"The Modern Bird"

by Susan Mason, circa 1963

Okay, you can stop laughing;-) Remember, I was 8 years old, when my parents gave me my first set of oil paints. Neither of them knew a thing about the medium--except that turpentine was the only thing that would remove my "mistakes" from the furniture! I suppose they took it in stride tho, after I'd done the wall and ceiling of my bedroom with a box of crayons at the age of 4 from the upper bunk bed I shared with my brother!

Okey-doke. Now that you've satisfied your morbid curiosity, get out of here and back to my front page where you can access some of my more recent creations:-))

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